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GA_logoWith over 15 years of experience, Cazbah’s combination of technology, process, and people has allowed us to help make hundreds of companies successful. Part of that success is due to our proficient use of website analytics. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how our Google Analytics consulting products can help develop your website into a valuable sales tool.

5 Reasons Why You Need Website Analytics

  1. Limited View – Unless you are using website analytics, you will only be using your limited view from anecdotal data to make business decisions about your website.
  2. Traffic Sources – How do your customers and website visitors find your site? Are they coming from the Search Engines, site referrals, marketing campaigns, etc. Some sources will be better than others for increasing sales.
  3. Campaigns – Advertising, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Trade Shows. These are all examples of possible campaigns. Wouldn’t you like to know if you are getting your return on investment?
  4. Focus – Once you discover which traffic sources and campaigns have been most effective, you will know where to focus your time, money and other resources.

Measuring Success – Is your website a significant source of sales for your business?  Using Google Analytics is a critical part of answering that question. We can tell if traffic to your site filled out a form, purchased something online, or even picked up the phone to call.


Our Analytics Services

Cazbah provides a wide range of website analytics consulting services to best meet the needs of your organization.

Google Analytics Account Setup

Making sure your Google Analytics account is setup properly, and integrated with your website, and all the other website tracking tools in use, is critical. Our consultants will make sure your account is operating correctly and providing you with the most accurate data, so you can be confident about making decisions for your business.

Google Analytics Audit

Do you already have an operational Google Analytics account, but not sure if you are getting the most out of it? Our comprehensive audit will evaluate the current status of your Google Analytics account, and make recommendations to ensure you are working with reliable data.

Analytics Monthly Reporting

Website analytics are constantly changing. Being disciplined about reviewing your website data on a monthly basis is critical to understanding where your opportunities are for growth. When working with a Cazbah Analytics consultant, you will understand what is happening with your website and Internet Marketing activities, where you have been successful, and what needs improvement.

Integration with Zoho CRM

Having an understanding of the complete customer sales cycle can be critical to online success. We have chosen to partner with Zoho CRM to help our clients get a better understanding of their customers, and develop a sales process that is successful and repeatable. Integrating Google Analytics with Zoho CRM will give a complete view of your customer’s sales process.

Google Analytics Training

Some customers would like to eventually train their internal staff to work with and understand how Google Analytics works. That’s great! We can help train you on how to use Google Analytics so you can conduct your own monthly reports.

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We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how website analytics
can help you develop your website into a valuable sales tool.

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Google Analytics Articles

by Cazbah

Google Analytics for Small Business: Creating an Account

If you’ve yet to use Google Analytics for your small business, the New Year is the perfect time! Below, I’ll walk you through the 4 steps to set up your own Google Analytics account for your specialty small business so you can start tracking and reporting on the success of your small business website today!

A Brief Beginner’s Guide of Google Analytics Audience Reports

When is the last time you looked at your Google Analytics Audience reports? Do you even know where to go to find them? If your company’s online presence has been established for at least a year, you’ll be able to drill down on they types of people visiting your website and how they’re viewing it as well.

Understanding Your Website’s Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Reviewing your website’s analytics not only allows you to track the internet marketing metrics of your website, but doing so is also vital to understanding your online audience. Of the many metrics provided, the one that seems to be the most misunderstood is bounce rate in Google Anlaytics.

4 Free Plug-ins for WordPress You Need for Your Website

With so many available plug-ins for WordPress, it can be mind numbing to try and search through them all. Check out the following 4 Free WordPress (WP) plugins you’re going to want to include on your website to view your Calendar, Analytics, and your completed online forms.

How to Use Google Search Console to Boost Your Traffic

If you’re going to make it online, you need to make sure your optimizing your website for valuable keywords. But, where most people start to fall off is checking the effectiveness of their keywords. Are your pages being found under the keywords you chose to optimize for? Do you know how to use Google Search Console?


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