The success of any business can be judged by the satisfaction of its customers. That’s why we’re so concerned about delighting our clients. Our goal is to make small businesses successful by taking full advantage of the Internet as their primary marketing medium. We take pride in the strong relationships we have with our clients, working diligently with them to help them reach their online marketing goals. Cazbah is not an ambiguous Internet marketing solution provider, we like to think of ourselves as a valuable member of our clients’ marketing team working toward a common goal. Here are just a few examples of what our clients have to say about their experience with Cazbah and their candid expression of the service they have received from us over the years.

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Garth H McDonald
18:47 06 Dec 17
In today's digital age, sometimes it hard to know where to begin when searching digital solutions such as websites and marketing. Cazbah set themselves apart in some key factors. Taking the time, after a very difficult with a different company we had very specific goals. We shared these goals with our final three candidates. Chaz was the only one that took the time to respond to each goal with specific details on how to meet those. The served us before we were customers. We were in desperate need of High-Resolution Logo's. Mentioning it to Cazbah, they were more than happy to assist us in an extremely quick time frame, at an unbelievable price. Lastly, they delivered on their promises. Its hard to say everything, but I am been impressed at every turn on the quality of service we have been provided. We look forward to our continued partnership and hope that you will too!
Tom Stortz
20:56 12 Dec 17
We have been with Cazbah for over 7 years and they provide us the web based tools for our small business to compete and grow. With their guidance, and our drive to succeed, the relationship continues to get stronger as the years go on. I've not once questioned their professionalism and trust their wisdom from all of their experience. They provide the backbone for our web growth. I would recommend them to small businesses who are looking to get support moving to a more e-commerce company.
Roland Vollman
21:51 06 Dec 17
We have been with Cazbah for 9 years and are quite pleased with their knowledge of the web & was does & does not work. Everyone on the Cazbah team is knowledgeable as well as approachable. We will probably staying with Cazbah for the next few years at least.
Cate Bell
22:46 12 Dec 17
As one of Cazbah's early e-commerce clients we have grown our on-line business and continue to benefit from the team's knowledge, expertise and specific recommendations for driving sales. One of the most beneficial points is their dedicated account manager structure so that at least one experienced professional learns the ins and outs of your business and your web site, features and SEO efforts which means a fast response time when things need to be addressed. Hosting / server reliability have improved over time to be extremely reliable and the rare glitch is quickly addressed and resolved.
Dean Davis
23:24 14 Dec 17
Chaz and his staff are GREAT. Been with this company for going on 10 years. Yes we have had a couple of bumps in the road. No issue though, you call the owner directly and its fixed just like that. They do what they say and then some. A great resource for myself and my company. We keep in constant communication, share ideas and create great results.
Stef Cappel
15:49 19 Dec 17
Our family-owned-and-operated stores have been in business since 1945. Our evolution to include internet services began in 2004. We started working with Cazbah in 2009 and have remained a customer ever since. As in any long-term relationship, there have been a few bumps, but we are thrilled with the service we receive from Jeff and his team. Jeff acts proactively to ensure our site is safe, functional, and profitable and is always willing to respond to issues in a timely manner. I feel like we are a priority for him, even though I know he has many plates to spin! The 5-star rating is based on service, cost, and the return we see on this investment.
Showmark LLC
15:14 22 Jan 18
Cazbah has become a key part of our Marketing Team. Their professionals are always on top of the ever changing requirements and methods needed to have an effective online presence. They constantly give us new ideas for our website and push us into other social media campaigns with positive results that are reflected in our sales.
Phil Roser
17:10 20 Mar 18
Cazbah has been doing and awesome job for us. Mike Ingersoll is great to work with and he knows his stuff and gets it done.
T lucas
14:38 21 Dec 17
Attentive, proactive and on point. when issues arise they are responsive and rectify them quickly. Lots of analytics, good customer service , solid marketing partner for multiple years.
Glenn Jackling
16:34 13 Mar 19
Working with Cazbah has given us the opportunity to improve our website and overall web presence. With a dedicated account manager, we get personalized insights and recommendations through every stage of the process. They have been a great resource for our marketing team, and provide support on a number of digital marketing initiatives. I would recommend Cazbah to anyone in need of improving their website and overall digital presence.
Richard Wand
22:31 15 May 19
Mike Zaccaria has gotten our website consistently better performance with his direction and guidance!
David Skeldon
16:03 30 Apr 16
Internet Marketing tactics from Fortune 100 companies, applied to small and medium business. With hundreds of happy companies growing from their marketing and advertising insight and consulting, these guys are a brilliant and innovative team. Looking forward to seeing them help Rochester Boom again!
Doug Turnbull
15:54 11 Dec 17
Turnbull Restoration has been working with Cazbah for over 10 years now and they have helped to keep us current with our SEO as well as given us incredible input to what works as well as, more importantly what we need to drop in the marketing side for us. Advertising is the single most expensive area that we have (besides labor), and having information to direct the funds in a know manor is a tremendous benefit to Turnbull. Be it print, electronic or promotional they can help you in how you track the various ways you try to get the word out.They are fair in their pricing and I would continue to use them as we move forward with the many promotional and tracking of our advertising projects we have as we continue to grab the top ranked spots on Google searches as well as many other search engines.Doug Turnbull
Christopher Galayda
14:30 24 Jul 21
Extremely knowledgeable and the best at what they do!
Simon Appler
15:24 28 Jul 21
Worked at an internship this summer, and my company worked with them for a website update. They did a very nice job, were quick to respond, and were open to support form me, not getting angry for overstepping! Would reccomend!
New Scale Technologies
16:19 09 Dec 21
A great help with keeping our site both user-friendly and optimized for SEO. Excellent Wordpress hosting and development, and so much more. Matt and the team make google ads work for us even with a relatively small budget, complex product, and narrow B2B audience. Back-end support is fast and effective! Very responsive to our requests for more features, too.
Gary Lauchert
17:31 23 Dec 21
Dan has been a tremendous help in designing our website and driving traffic to it. We couldn't be happier with his service and responsiveness!
LizaJ Bobseine
10:50 22 Feb 22
This company places a huge emphasis on quality customer service. Their staff are extremely responsive, to the point of being startling with how quickly they handle our requests. We are in the early stages of working with them to improve our organic search rankings and I'm hopeful, based on their work ethic and drive that they will produce outstanding results for my business.
Ken Reasoner
23:06 02 Apr 22
We are active on our Travel website that Cazbah created in 2020, We update our trips and some of the links on the site ourselves. They've created easy to modify pages with WordPress. If I need help, their Helpdesk is very prompt to respond. We definitely Recommend Cazbah.
Michael Kulzer
15:44 04 Apr 22
Cazbah has been a real pleasure to work with. They have drastically help with our website and created content that has brought more traffic than when we used to do Pay Per Click. They have targeted the right companies that has lead to a more qualified lead than ever before. Highly recommend this service for anyone that want to organically grow their website ranking.
Josefs Artisan Meats
12:27 05 Apr 22
Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Quick to respond to any issues/concerns. A personalized and thoughtful approach that makes you feel like you are their most important client - highly recommend.
Matt Sones
17:03 05 Apr 22
We have worked with Cazbah for years and have nothing but praise for their fast and knowledgeable efforts on our behalf. Highly recommend!
20:53 12 Apr 22
We have been working with Cazbah for over 7 years. Chaz, Dawn and the Cazbah team do a fantastic job with our website and our online marketing. We are primarily a B2B professional services firm that needs to have a professional online presence that highlights our extensive portfolio and experience. Cazbah did a great job bringing that presence and our high level of visibility to life!
Jim Harden
14:04 05 Apr 22
Cazbah's total internet marketing solution is exactly what our organization needed. Internet marketing is not like a bill board that one can post and forget. It requires focused attention and a partnership with a team who knows where and how to focus internet activity, generating qualified leads. From targeted ad-word campaign management to developing web page collateral to drive up natural search engine rankings, Cazbah is truly a working partner. Since working with Cazbah our organization increased qualified leads 30% per year and many of our web pages are ranked top three nationally in the industry. We could not be happier. Thank you, to Cazbah and her visionary owner Charles Broersma!
Bob Dreske
20:01 08 Mar 23
Cazbah is an excellent website developer. We have been with them for many years. I highly recomend them!
Fred Mileham
20:13 29 Mar 23
We have been working with Cazbah for almost 10 years now and they have always been very accessible, hands on and helpful in the design, implementation and ongoing support of our website. The SEO work has been outstanding and we continue to get quality contacts and orders through our site on a daily basis. A++ organization!
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