How to Track, Measure and Manage Your Customer Relationships

Implementing an efficient and effective CRM solution, and taking the time to learn how to use it will help you understand your customers’ journey, ensuring that you are putting the right information in front of the right people.

Video Resources

The Psychology of the Online Sale

Making sure that you understand the psychology of the online sale and that you have positioned yourself correctly will ensure that you sell more of your products and services to more of the right customers.

The 5 Essential Elements of Trust

The objective of online communication is to give your target audience an easy opportunity to communicate with you. But, more importantly, they’re giving you permission to communicate with them, and that’s not going to happen without them trusting you first!

2 Questions to Answer if You Want to Be Successful

Your small business success is directly dependent on finding more of the right customers. And the best way to do that, is to establish a comprehensive Unique Value Proposition! Ask yourself, “What makes me different?” And, “Why should me customers care?”

17 Ideas to Boost Your Web Content and Crisis Proof Your Business

Developing high-value content can be a real challenge for any business. It’s especially difficult for small businesses who have limited time and resources to commit. With that in mind, we’ve put together an eBook titled: 17 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Web Content.

Benefits for small Businesses

The benefits of the CARES Act for American small businesses are significant! Specifically, there are 2 main elements you NEED to be aware of! Check out our PDF that breaks everything down!

Google Analytics for Small Business: How to Create an Account

In this video, I’ll walk you through the 4 steps to set up your own Google Analytics account for your specialty small business so you can start tracking and reporting on the success of your small business website today!

2 Essential LinkedIn Prospecting Tools You Should Be Using

LinkedIn offers so much more than just a newsfeed and connection request capabilities. Here are two of the best LinkedIn prospecting tools you may not know about:

How to Post and Optimize Your YouTube Videos

YouTube video optimization is an essential part of any well developed content marketing campaign that small businesses need to take advantage of! This video will help you get started!

The 4 Secrets to Creating Good Contact Us Forms Online

Contact forms present an opportunity to build a relationship between your website’s visitors and your company, so you need to invest in creating effective contact forms.

How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

With social media, small business are better able to promote their products/services, connect with their audience, and increase awareness for their brand. And, I’ll tell you how!

4 Tips to Create Effective CTA Buttons for Your Website

Another important, yet often overlooked, component of web design is call-to-action (CTA) buttons. CTA buttons are what motivate visitors to complete an action on your website, so they need to be interesting and visually appealing. They may be small, but they impact your business in several ways.

Attract Customers with This Content Marketing Strategy

You need to continue to attract customers to your business if you want to grow and remain successful; that’s a no brainer. But, you need the right customers. This is where inbound marketing practices come in handy.

5 Reasons Why You Need Google Reviews and How to Get Them

There’s no doubt that consumers use product and service reviews to determine which purchases they are going to make. This makes getting reviews a priority, which is also increasingly important to your search engine optimization (SEO).

7 Email Marketing Strategies for a Successful Small Business

Email marketing is an excellent way to get a hold of customers and generate new business leads. But many small businesses fall into common bad practices in their hurry to make connections.

5 Tips on Content Generation for Small Business Websites

It can’t be said enough … comprehensive, original content is necessary for the success of a website. Without it, you will not be able to attract search engines or customers.

Your 3 Step Guide to SEO Competitive Analysis

Do you ever sit in front of Google searching for your website listing under your favorite key terms? Do you feel a sense of anxiety when you notice your competitor ranked ahead of you on those key terms? You do? Great. Now STOP doing that!.

4 Small Business Reputation Management Tools

The reputation of any small business can mean the difference between a booming business based on satisfied customer referrals or, a going-out-of-business sign on the door because of the impact of negative word-of-mouth or bad publicity.

10 Reasons YouTube is a Must for Small Business

YouTube is no longer regarded as just an entertainment site, it has grown into an invaluable business resource. With some time and creativity, your videos can open new opportunities for your small business that would make a Fortune 500 company cringe with envy.

The Small Business Guide to Local Search Optimization

Do you know how your small business information appears in a local search result? Local search optimization is one of the easiest ways to gain repeat customers for your small business because you can target your regional area.

5 Tips To Get You Started With LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a great way for you to get more involved with prospects and customers online to grow your marketing network.

The 5Cs: Your Guide to Online Small Business Success

If we go back to the basics, business is about people and if you want to achieve small business success online, you need to keep people in the center of your marketing sphere.

Why Building Links is the Easiest Way to Boost SERP Rank

If you’re frazzled and frustrated looking for a dependable method on how to boost your SERP ranking, look no further than building links! Building links is one the of the easiest (and most dependable) SEO SERP ranking factors that never changes!

The Retailer’s Guide to Product Page SEO

If you’re a small business retailer, you know that creating and then maintaining your product page seo can be a daunting task. Here are some steps to follow to better optimize your products’ search engine and social media traffic:

How to Use Google Search Console to Boost Your Traffic (Tutorial)

If you’re going to make it online, you need to make sure your optimizing your website for valuable keywords. Are your pages being found under the keywords you chose to optimize for? Do you know how to use Google Search Console?

Quality vs Quantity: How Often to Post on Social Media

There is disagreement over how often to post on social media and business websites. However, one belief every good marketer has in common is that all content published must be of good quality.

How Often Should You Update Your Website Content?

While there’s not a specific, proven formula for how often you should update or change your website, there are questions you can ask to deduce how often you should update your website content.

3 Actions to Accelerate the Customer Purchase Decision Process

Your website is generally the first encounter a prospect will have with your business, so it’s essential that it is optimized to facilitate the customer purchase decision process.

The Indisputable Niche Marketing Strategy for Expansion

When business is lean, many business owners consider branching out and expanding brand and services to attract more customers. I’m here to tell you not to. Nothing could be worse for your small business success than spreading yourself too thin.