Service Business Marketing 101 may seem complex, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Let me share what I’ve learned in over a decade of helping businesses like yours get more customers. This service business marketing 101 guide will give you actionable steps to reach the right people, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

You’ve heard me say for years that keeping customers happy should be any service business owner’s top priority. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way customers discover your service in the first place.

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The Power of Online Marketing For Service Businesses

Many affiliate marketing programs don’t allow pay-per-click ads using their product or brand name, however there’s no rules against SEO. That’s where SEO comes in, helping you to show up on search results when potential customers are typing in their questions.

Building a Content Marketing Strategy That Works

Content marketing involves creating valuable information and publishing it on a channel you control, like a website or social media. But some business types and service marketing models benefit more from content marketing than others.

Others make a perfect fit for content marketing, such as B2B software companies.

This usually forms the basis of such efforts, as it’s an owned channel, and you can generally compete with very large players and win some or much of the time on quality and 10x content.

Using Social Media To Drive Customers To Your Business

It can feel daunting trying to keep up with all the different social media platforms. But here’s a tip: focus on the one that’s most popular with your target market. Based on this information, you might pass on Snapchat, where nearly half the users are under 25. You get it: know where your customers are spending their time online and share valuable content there.

Why Email Marketing Is Key

I’ve noticed over time that there is no quicker way to lose customers than by having a bad or unorganized email list. But get it right and email marketing has incredible returns.
In fact, for service businesses, email marketing is an essential component of Service Business Marketing 101.
Did you know there are currently more than 3.7 billion email users worldwide? That’s about half the entire population. Email gives you direct access to an enormous audience, which is more than worth it to incorporate. This method has high conversion rates.

There’s more, 89% of marketers report that their number one channel for getting new leads is from email marketing.

How Much You Should Be Spending On Your Marketing

I get asked this all the time and there’s no easy answer to how much to budget for marketing. The most frequent concern is avoiding getting stuck with low conversion rates, especially when compared to organic content.

Although many people have success getting traffic organically, paid ads let you fine-tune your audience with extreme precision. They also give detailed analytics, which make it easy to monitor how much value you’re getting. And, in case you needed further convincing, research shows that personalized subject lines see a 41% bump in email open rates.

Choosing a Budget That’s Sustainable

It costs a lot more to get new customers compared to keeping current ones happy, and I think research from the Harvard Business Review can help. Across both products and services, they found that it costs between 5 and 25 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.

You might start small. Try boosting an organic post on social media or running a basic PPC ad on Google. As you see better results, you can reinvest those returns to further increase your advertising budget.

Choosing a Strong Marketing Strategy

There’s plenty of good marketing strategy suggestions to get you moving toward your Service Business Marketing 101 goals.

How to Establish Your Marketing Plan

Creating an engaging website experience and local landing pages will give potential customers all the information they need to reach you. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, include professional high-resolution pictures on Google maps as part of your Google business profile. Be sure to make sure it’s easy for them to understand where you are located.

And, don’t forget the customer. Satisfied customers are much more likely to refer their friends to you than those that had a bad experience. Consistent and personalized service delivered at every touchpoint will keep them happy. Remember, keep the customer journey in mind as you craft your Service Business Marketing 101 strategy and never let it become stale.

Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing

For many business types, videos have quickly become the marketing channel of choice and with good reason. In fact, video posts on social media garner twelve times more shares compared to regular content or even images. This translates into twelve times as many impressions. There is no doubt about it: video should be part of your service business marketing 101 strategy.

Where and Why to Use Videos for Marketing

Did you know that 90% of consumers state that videos are what ultimately pushes them to finally buy something? Sixty-four percent say that they feel even more confident after seeing a video, as they know exactly what they’re getting into. Video marketing also delivers big in other ways.

For instance, data indicates website visitors spend 88% more time on websites with video. That extra engagement can help you keep their attention longer.

You could even see a 41% lift in organic traffic thanks to Google recognizing websites that provide an engaging user experience.

Using Videos Across Your Service Business Marketing Plan

It is critical to learn how to get videos in front of the right customer, and this breakdown shows how powerful video is:

  • Use videos to boost your email strategy: Did you know you could increase your email open rate by 19%?
    According to research conducted by Campaign Monitor, that’s exactly what you might see after including video in an email message.
    Email marketers who included video in their email messaging noticed another positive bump, this time a whopping 50% boost to their CTR.
  • Include videos on social media: Consumers love video.
    They’ve indicated video is the number one kind of content they prefer seeing when scrolling on social media. In fact, an overwhelming majority, 93% of marketers using video marketing have stated that it is their biggest driver in getting new customers from their social media efforts.
  • Incorporate video content into your website:
    Try creating and embedding these simple video types into your service website marketing.

    Type of video Goal of the video
    An intro video on your home page This can be a fast engaging welcome for anyone that first comes to your site. Make it about 1 minute and keep it energetic.
    A personal video about your journey A humanizing explainer showing the path that led to creating your business can help customers relate.
    Video showing your process Videos about how your service works can be valuable resources to anyone that needs what you provide. This will build authority and trust with prospective customers
  • Run videos as Ads: Short, visually engaging product or service explainer videos that run before other video content make great video ads.
  • Don’t forget “in real life”.Video content should also be used outside of your online strategy. A loop video on a display or tablet in your waiting room or shop can help communicate critical information. Think about the potential. It might remind customers to wear a mask or entice them to purchase one of your top selling packages with an exclusive coupon.

Get Past Those Video Hurdles

Video may seem intimidating if you haven’t done much before. Although a dedicated, top-of-the-line video creation company with professional videographers will charge a hefty price to create high-quality marketing assets, most Service Business Marketing 101 strategy doesn’t need a slick ad with perfect voiceovers or Hollywood quality editing.

You can do great things without any high tech equipment by utilizing these simple suggestions.

Tips and Strategies to Optimize Videos

Remember to keep things simple. A video that’s less polished and created in an informal manner with casual camera work will build more authenticity and resonate more than something overly scripted.

  • Use what you already have: If you already have video assets, put those to good use. Combine what you already have with text overlays, which saves time and cost when getting started. You could be a small service-business-owner but have access to video software that’s a good free video editor for your small-business marketing video campaigns.
  • Get sound-savvy:
    Eighty-five percent of people don’t even watch with the audio on. They either keep it muted or forget to turn the volume on. You can ensure viewers stay engaged when you pair your videos with subtitles. Avoid investing a ton of cash into professional mics, studios or audio editors because your ROI might be lower than expected.
  • Embrace mobile marketing: Think vertical. Overwhelmingly, people watch videos on their mobile devices. Video marketers using a vertical or square format, whether in email, as a PPC ad, or even in social feeds, typically have much higher click-through rates (CTR).
    You’re also likely to rank higher on Google SERPs when more visitors click your links, watch the whole thing, and click over to other content.
  • Pay attention to targeting options: Most ad networks allow you to reach customers based on region, industry, demographics and more, including whether or not they are subscribed to a local business’s email marketing list. These can help narrow your focus. But make sure it is worth it. Running A/B Tests on a specific audience or region might be exactly what helps make your next video go viral.
  • Go multichannel: Tailor your video content. Creating engaging, relevant videos for each different media marketing or media platforms will keep things fresh. That can help maintain viewers’ attention as their media needs shift throughout the day.

Creating a Solid Video for Your Business

Try getting started with this simple equipment that almost every small business already has, especially in the year of 2024. There are so many great tools in everyone’s pockets these days.

Essentials For Your Service Business Video Content Marketing

  • Ditch that studio, use your phone. The quality of video today’s mobile devices capture will astound you. And, if you are running targeted video ads, you don’t want your video content marketing or marketing campaign to seem too “big brand.” Think small.
  • Harness natural light: No matter how great today’s smartphone cameras are, low-quality light can ruin any service-business marketing video marketing effort, turning it into something cringeworthy. Find a sunny day and use natural light. But if you’re indoors, place the subject next to a window for better clarity. Alternatively, utilize your brightest light, ensuring the entire room is illuminated evenly.
  • Listen with headphones: Make sure there’s no unnecessary static. Even the hum from an HVAC system will diminish your video’s effectiveness. Headphones are one of the most overlooked yet important influencer tools. And, because most people view social videos muted anyway, use captions. You can avoid hiring expensive audio mixers and studios to improve ROI. Your smartphone might already have built-in caption software that works well.

Brainstorming Winning Video Content

Coming up with winning video marketing ideas is one thing, however coming up with ideas specifically designed for the unique needs and customer base of your company or Service Business Marketing 101 efforts can be even harder.

To inspire your video marketing journey, let me share a few types of video marketing techniques other businesses in your position have used successfully, even in today’s evolving marketing landscape.

Also remember, keep that video content coming. Consistently offering video-heavy media or content or media platforms can help keep your audiences coming back for more. But more than that, it positions you as a knowledgeable leader.

Types of Video Marketing You Can Use Today

When planning your video marketing, it can be helpful to categorize them by business goals. For instance, a video used to build general interest will differ drastically from one attempting to boost conversions immediately. Take a look at this detailed summary to inspire you:

Type of video Why use this video
The ‘About Us’ video Sharing an ‘About Us’ style explainer is an engaging way to personalize your brand and get viewers acquainted. Let viewers see you are human. Showing some personality will increase relatability. And that can improve brand awareness.
The story-focused video Telling an engaging story with relatable elements related to your service is another good choice. Did something incredible happen during the early years of your journey that’s relatable and fun to tell? Viewers may even remember a good story months later, as it will keep them engaged while viewing and even prompt social sharing.
The fast promotional video Keep it short and punchy. Include a visual element, whether it’s an image or a product showcase with great audio editing. Be sure it’s no longer than 30 seconds to make the most of the average customer’s diminishing attention span. Also, this type of service marketing video needs a clear call to action so the viewer can get what you are selling with only a few clicks.
The inspirational video Try posting a quick, fun quote video on social media. Quotes are always easy to make and get high shares on both Instagram and Facebook when properly paired with compelling background images.
The step-by-step guide These are a favorite, giving you a perfect chance to showcase your skills. Share your deep understanding and help guide people to learn new things.
For instance, it might teach a viewer how to quickly create engaging vertical video marketing using the tools on their own smartphone.
This not only establishes authority within your niche, but also increases a viewer’s overall engagement. YouTube and other platforms may even choose to reward instructional video marketing content marketing with higher organic rankings when compared to similar non-video posts. Be sure to list the exact materials, quantities and tools a user will need. A walkthrough-style guide showing an action in real-time using real human actors with high production costs can make all the difference. This video should include easy to understand guidance from an expert with first-hand, real life experience.
The blog teaser If you’ve written a lengthy article that has good quality information for those with higher-level know-how, a blog teaser could work well for social media and email. These often take little time to produce. Combine images you already have with some of the points made in the article and a call to action.
The “social proof” testimonial Get your customer base involved by getting testimonials. Everyone will appreciate seeing how well you treat customers. It helps people feel confident about purchasing when they see you go the extra mile to make others happy.
These videos make for some of the best testimonial ads when properly targeted to your potential customers and may even boost overall website sales for the brand. Although testimonial video is an effective social video channel, the actual video does not need a massive budget, a full production company or high quality editors. A simple approach will increase authenticity. Try showing off a single positive quote about your service business marketing in action or even the positive results of your content, paired with eye-catching visuals that help drive home the impact you’re making on customers’ daily lives.


Whether it’s from email or online content marketing strategies or by putting effort into understanding the video or media platforms, service business marketing 101 takes research and dedication. However, the potential is endless. And in a business landscape that is continuously evolving, mastering these skills will pay you back over time.