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About Cazbah


cazbah_logo_newWhen Cazbah began in August of 2001, the world was a very uncertain place. The technology sector was watching the full speed deflation of the Internet Bubble, as it wreaked havoc on the U.S. Stock market. Having spent their venture capital money like it was income, dot-com start-ups were closing their doors without ever having generated any revenues. The job market was glutted and investment money had evaporated. The 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center cast an icy pall of uncertainty and fear across an already struggling U.S. economy.

It seemed like a perfect time to start a new business…

Cazbah was launched with a handful of dedicated people and a mission to make small businesses successful on the Internet. Since then we have grown in size seven fold, relocated our offices three times, cleared seemingly insurmountable financial hurdles, migrated our technology platform, celebrated 7 employee weddings and many more births, and provided hundreds of small businesses with a results-driven Total Internet Marketing Solution that works.

More than a decade later and we find that we are once-again facing many of the same challenges; global economic instability, an absurd and growing national debt, high unemployment and the emerging hint of a new Internet bubble. We are more convinced today than when we first got started that the answer to most of our economic problems lies in the hands of our greatest resource: American small businesses.

Small businesses as a group are America’s biggest innovators, importers, exporters, tax payers and job creators. They generate more than half of all U.S. private payrolls and create more than half of our country’s non-farm gross domestic product (GDP). In our way of thinking about it, that makes them the majority. Unfortunately, small businesses are not given the respect and support they deserve for providing such a valuable service to our economy. We’d like to change that!

At Cazbah, our passion is helping these companies succeed in the face of what sometimes seems like insurmountable odds. There is a tremendous need to support these small businesses, which are doubly challenged when it comes to using the Internet to find more, new customers. The significant amounts of money they’ve spent on a host of advertising and marketing options haven’t delivered on their promises and they don’t have the resources to hire qualified in-house talent.

The business model that Cazbah began with is still the model that we operate from to this day. We work exclusively with small businesses, providing them with The Solution, which is everything that they need to succeed on the Web; Technology that is robust, high functioning and easy to use; Work Processes that are documented, repeatable and proven successful and most importantly; People – dedicated service and support on the part of Cazbah’s own Internet Marketing Experts. The results of our efforts can be seen and heard in the candid Video Testimonials that our customers give us, telling how Cazbah has changed their businesses and their lives.

Looking back at the decade behind us and the one ahead, we are encouraged by all the things that we have accomplished and we are excited about the future. We are committed to being a company of passionate people, achieving radical results by making ordinary small businesses extraordinary.