Cazbah Solutions

Flexible Technology

Technology that is robust and high-functioning.

The technology that we use to build and market your new website is robust, and high-functioning. That means it works all the time, does everything you need it to do, and is designed to maximize efficiency.

We believe the technology used to build and market your website should be non-propriety, well-known, and supported in the Internet Marketing industry. We ensure that all our staff are well educated in that technology, so you can get the most out of it.

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Our websites are developed on an open source platform. This ensures that you have access to all the latest technology and functionality so your business can take full advantage of the internet.

It also means you will not be locked into a proprietary platform that can never be migrated to another web provider.

You get the best technology with the least risk when you choose Cazbah.


Post-launch, we use best-in-class tools to improve website visibility and prioritize accurate measurement. We use a wide variety of tools across marketing channels to gain that visibility. We also use analytics tools from Google and other top industry vendors to measure website performance.

After your site is seen, it needs to generate business. Measuring the performance of your website is the only way to know if your investment is paying for itself.


Technology is great but it’s useless unless you know how to implement and interpret it. Most of our customers have learned the hard way that they don’t have the resources to execute an increasingly complex web strategy for their business.  

This is why we’ve built expert teams that are most qualified for this job.

Cazbah is committed to hiring and training the experts to help your business stay ahead of the Internet Marketing technology curve.

Driving Process

Developing Success through efficient and repeatable processes.

We have taken our decade’s worth of experience, working exclusively with small businesses on the Internet, and turned it into an Internet Marketing play-book that gets results.

With the risks involved with running a small business in today’s economy, you don’t have the luxury of guesswork and mistakes. That’s why everything we do for you is based on a well defined and documented process that has been proven successful!

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Business & Customer Assessment

A critical part of our customer acquisition process is making sure that we attract the “right” customers. We ask our customers to complete a Business Survey so we can make sure Cazbah and your business are a potential fit.  

We specialize in helping small businesses, that fall into a specific set of criteria, implement successful websites.

Website Design & Development

Cazbah learns about your company, your customers, and your marketing objectives.  Then we build a customer focused website that provides your visitors with the information, products, and services in a useful and efficient manner.  We are experts at listening to your customer vision and transforming it into a brand-new fully functioning website that will do your small business proud.

Marketing Strategy

After your website is designed, developed, and launched, we implement your Internet Marketing Plan.  This plan gives your website content visibility on the internet so your customers can find your products and services and make a buying decision. After we have given your site visibility we measure its performance.  Measuring performance allows us to make adjustments so we can give your site the best chance for success.

Quality People

People do business with people.

We have a staff of dedicated employees, not outsourced or contracted, who are experts in website development, and Internet Marketing for small businesses. We want to get to know you and your small business. The better we know you, the more successful you’ll be on the Web.

Our customers tell us one of the reasons they stay with us year-after-year is because we talk with them on a regular basis. That may seem like a little thing but, according to our customers, it’s a pretty big deal.


Our Production team has many years of experience working on small business websites. Their job is to work with the build manager to create a website that meets the demands and expectations of your customers and prospects. Their knowledge and experience allows for your website to be built quickly while using the latest technology and techniques.


Cazbah support provides our customers with the immediate assistance they need. After your site is launched many of our customers have questions that are urgent in nature. Anything from training, to site changes, or technical issues, our support staff is ready to help.

Internet Marketing Consultants

Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultants meet with you on a monthly basis (Ultimate and Content MVP Plans) to review your website content, its visibility on the internet and how it is performing. Our consultants have many years of Internet Marketing experience and look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you to grow your business online.