THE 5 Cs

“The excuses that you made before COVID, about why you aren’t doing business on the Web, are not going to hold up post COVID:”

“Our customers aren’t online.”

“Our website is a digital brochure.”

“We don’t get any business from our website.”

“We don’t sell anything online.”

Those days are over!

Your customers ARE online!

Your website had better be a lot more than a digital brochure!
The majority of your business opportunities should be coming from the Web!

Your sales process had better start with your website!


There is a seismic shift that is occurring in every industry, across the country. The Old School is giving way and surrendering responsibility and control to The-New-Kids-On-The-Block.

These new decision makers have vastly different perspectives and ways of gathering and processing information. The next generation is stepping up and into positions of authority, and you need to be prepared to serve their needs, which are vastly different from their forebears.


Cazbah has been serving the Internet marketing needs of hundreds of small to medium sized commercial/industrial businesses for 20 years now. From before 9/11/01 to now, we’ve seen the economy come to a screeching halt more than once.


It appears that the crises’ in our economy are happening more frequently and they’re becoming more severe, as they come along. You can’t stick your heads in the sand and pretend that all of this is not happening. When will the next crisis come along? It’s anybody’s guess. Will you be prepared!


If you can’t put the results that you are getting from your marketing into a stack, put a rubber band around them and then take them to the bank and make a deposit, it’s just not good marketing.

As far as we are concerned, there is only one way to prepare your business for a very uncertain future. That is by ensuring that your marketing activities are providing you with the means to your sales end! We’re talking “Bucks in Pocket!”

THE 5 Cs
The Gospel Of Cazbah

This is what we lovingly refer to as the good news.



Content is the delivery on the implied promise that you are making to your target audience, your ideal customer really. There are two important points there:

Target customers
You need to know everything you can about who your ideal customer is. We have a process here at Cazbah that we call customer composite indexing – CCI, which is a list of characteristics that defines very specifically and succinctly who your target customers are.

We want to know everything you know about who they are; where they work, what their titles are, what companies they work for, how big a company do they work for, what kind of products or services of yours do they use? Where do they get their information? Where are they hanging out online?

We want to know everything about them, because the better we understand them, the better we can help you develop the relevant and significant content that is going to appeal to them and attract them.

Delivery on the implied promise
It is a well-documented fact that 85% of all activity on the Web begins with somebody searching for something. A further 85% won’t go past the first page of the search results. Generally speaking, you have between 4 – 8 seconds to deliver someone to exactly what they are looking for, or they are gone!


Getting your prospect and target customers to validate you. They found you, now they’re consuming your content. They’re saying, “You know what? These are the go-to guys. This company and these people are the ones we want to do business with, because…” Fill in the blank with your unique value proposition:

  • What makes you different, from as many of your competitors as possible?
  • And, why should they care?


  • They found you
  • They consumed your content
  • They validated you
  • Now they’re communicating with you…

…about a product or a service they know you have that they want or need. They’re communicating with you about all of that, but more importantly, they’ve given you permission to communicate with them.


There are a half dozen steps in any sales process: Suspect, Prospect, Lead, Qualified Lead, Proposal and Close. Now, granted there could be some other steps related to engineering or prototyping in there somewhere, but for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll call it six steps.

But here’s the point; they found you based on your content. They validated you based on your position in the community, you are the go-to guys, the people and the company they want to do business with.

Now they’re communicating with you about a product or service they know you have that they want or need. You just reduced the cycles in your sales process by two thirds! They took themselves from a complete unknown suspect to a qualified lead. And they did it on their nickel and their time. You can’t get better than that. That is the definition of marketing, the means to an end!

There are two profit motives that we hear all the time from our clients:

Sales Cycle Time Reduction
How long does it take you to make a sale? Start to finish, our objective is to reduce the cycles in the sales process, which equals pure profit, because time is money!

Focus On Magnatism
Attract only the types of prospects and ideal customers you want and repel everyone else.


Give them:

  • What they want
  • When they want it
  • How they want it
  • Where they want it
  • Why they want it

Back up your prospects and ideal customer’s good decision to do business with you. You are not concerned about the first sale; you are concerned about the second sale, the 5th sale, the 10th sale, the 20th sale, the word-of-mouth, or word-of mouse, that is going to come from that.

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