Sidco Filter Corporation

Sid Cutt, founder of Sidco, talks about what it was like for Sidco Filter Corporation when they first approached the idea of doing business on the Internet, “We went through several years and various gyrations with a number of different Web companies. We also tried to do it ourselves.

Dealers and Distributors

Home Power Systems

Home Power Systems began using Cazbah early in 2004. Since that time, the company has grown exponentially. “Cazbah has helped our business grow tremendously,” commented Jim.

Retail and Services

Bell Racquet Sports

“We probably could have taken the time to create our own eCommerce website and make sure our site was being found by the search engines,” explains Cate Bell, owner of Bell Racquet Sports, “but it was easier to hire Cazbah to get things rolling.”

Case Studies

Our case studies showcase Cazbah customer experiences and details what their situation was like before and after joining Cazbah. We have case studies on our customers in all the industries and markets we serve including: manufacturing, dealer/ distributor, retail and service. So, you’ll be sure to find a practical example of a Cazbah customer success story in your same industry that you can use as a reference when deciding if you want to work with us.

If you want to get an in depth idea of how Cazbah can assist your small specialty business, take a look at what our current customers are saying about the service we provide. We know each small business is different; that’s why we personalize our Cazbah Solution and service for you! Take a few minutes to read over a case study or two and discover the unique value that each one has for your business!

Manufacturing Dealers and Distributors Retail and Services


Custom Products=Unique Value

Butler Winding
Electronic Assembly Manufacturing

Tighten the Focus to Increase the Sales

Sidco Filters
OEM Filter Manufacturer

Dealers and Distributors

Rural Business Gets Great Results Online

Davis Trailer World and Country Mall
Trailer Dealer and Service Center

From Industrial Distributor to International e-Commerce

Automation Aides
Industrial distributor

Higher Quality Leads Result in Double the Sales

Holtgreven Scale
Commercial Scale Manufacturing, Installation and Service

Retail and Services

Targeted Inventory, Better Profits

Rocky’s Cigars
Cigar Retailer

Higher Quality Leads Mean More Sales

Dutch Mill Bulbs
Flower Bulbs Retail and Wholesale

Specialization in a Commodity Market

Bell Racquet Sports
Ecommerce – Racquet Sports

Turning a Hobby into a Successful Business

Corny Keg
Home Brewing Products Ecommerce