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Cazbah eCommerce Stores Include:


  • Hosted Web Store – As part of your website, we also host your eCommerce system which allows you to store and report on your eCommerce transactions.  If you have a large product database we recommend you consider our dedicated server to ensure top performance and an excellent customer experience.
  • Product Management Tool – Updating prices, product images, product descriptions, item numbers, shipping data and other important information about your website products is a necessity. The Cazbah eCommerce system allows you do this with an easy to use tool.  As part of the Cazbah Advanced and Ultimate programs, your dedicated IMC will assist you when you need to make updates to your product database.
  • Merchant Gateway Integration –  Your merchant gateway allows you perform secure PCI DSS compliant credit card transactions. It’s important for you to provide a shopping experience that protects your customer’s credit cards and personal information from being stolen. This shopping cart technology and merchant gateway integration allows your customers to shop with confidence, knowing that their credit card information is secure. For the best credit card rates and customer service, we recommend using our credit card processing partner First Capital Payments
  • Shipping Integration – Getting shipping costs right can be the difference between making money or losing money on an online transaction. Our shipping modules allow you to provide real-time shipping quotes for each transaction.  Our modules support UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Tax Charts – With all the potential sales tax changes in our future, it’s important to have an eCommerce system that can adapt to those changes. The Cazbah eCommerce system allows you to charge taxes at the state level down to the zip-code by simply checking a box.  The system also maintains automatic updates to tax charts, so you’re always charging the right amount of taxes on your transactions.
  • Shopping Cart –  The typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retail stores is 60%. If your shopping cart is hard to understand, has too many steps, or doesn’t function properly, you can expect that rate to be much higher.  The Cazbah eCommerce shopping cart is designed to be approximately three easy steps:  Add to Cart, Address/Shipping and Payment. Keep it simple and efficient to get the highest conversions for your online sales.
  • Visibility – Internet Marketing – Once you have a fully functional eCommerce website, it’s time to give that site visibility on the internet. This is where SEO and Internet Marketing come into play. Use the powerful SEO tools that come with your Cazbah website or work with your Cazbah IMC to give your site maximum visibility to the right customers and increase your online and offline sales.


Features included in your Cazbah eCommerce store are:


Customizable to Your Needs
Secure Transaction Processing, 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
PCI-DSS Compliant Transaction Processor
Product Search Functionality
Automatic tax calculation
Variety of Payment Methods
Order Notification
Assistance Configuring Online Processors
Inventory Management
Product Reviews and Rating


Shipping integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS
Google Search Ratings Support
Member Pricing and Discounts
Coupon and Discount Manager
Email Opt In at Checkout
Search Engine Optimization
Customer Login
Order History
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