With the risks involved in running a small business in today’s economy, we understand you don’t have the luxury of guesswork. That’s why everything we do for you is based on a well defined and documented process that’s been proven successful!

After serving the internet marketing needs of hundreds of small businesses for almost twenty years, we have a comprehensive understanding of what it’s going to take for you to be successful on the Internet.

We obsess over process…

Business & Customer Assessment

We get asked all the time, “How did you find us?” That’s simple, we came looking for you!
You see, if you are reading this, it’s highly likely that you are “in-scope” as a Cazbah client. Since 2001, we’ve maintained our focus on our core competency of helping small businesses succeed on the web beyond what they ever thought was possible.

By keeping our focus on our five objective and two subjective criteria, we ensure that we are attracting clients that fit our profile, those that we know we can make successful on the Web.

We don’t get distracted by the next new Internet fad or the hot new industry trend that everyone is raving about. We go for what we know, and that’s small business!

Here’s our client profile: Are you in scope?

  • 5 to 99 Employees
  • $500K – $10MM in annual revenues
  • Niche products and / or services
  • Existing website
  • In business for a number of years with an existing base of customers
  • Desire to grow
  • Understand the need for effective internet marketing
Customer Orientation / On-Board

If we’re a good match for each other, you’ll sign-on with Cazbah and continue to the next step in the process where you’ll work with our in house Production team and your Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) to design and build your new website.

You’ll complete a brief survey, which will fill-in any missing pieces that we need to move you successfully through the production phase. We want to get to know you and to learn all about your business!

Once you have completed and submitted the survey, it will be delivered to the Production team. All the information from the business survey, website analysis, keyword analysis and profit analysis are reviewed in detail in order to provide a comprehensive view of your business.

Your IMC will review all the information that has been collected in preparation for your initial production meeting. After doing so, they will personally contact you in order to schedule your initial meeting with the Cazbah Production team.

After signing on, you’ll be officially welcomed to the Cazbah small business community!

Website Design and Development

The IMCs at Cazbah are responsible for turning ideas into realities on the web!

Your IMC will learn about your company, including; how your business operates, current marketing methods, products and services offered, your unique value proposition, target customers and any other information that will be helpful in distinguishing you from your competition on the Internet.

They’re experts at listening to your vision and transforming it into a brand-new, fully functioning website that will make your small business proud! You’ll meet with your dedicated IMC in order to set objectives for your new website and goals for your business on the Web

When it’s time to build your new small business website, the Cazbah Production team gets to work! They will design, develop and launch your new small business website utilizing Cazbah’s professional CMS.

Your Cazbah IMC will act as your primary contact with Cazbah through the launch of your new website. During this phase of the process, they’ll take you through a series of steps, including the:

1. Creation of a website design using your company’s logo, tagline and your unique look and feel to visually represent your company’s brand identity and your unique value.

2. Development of a simple and functional navigation that organizes your company’s information, products and services.

3. Formatting and coding of your web content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing activities that will occur after launch.

4. Organization and upload of product data for use in your eCommerce catalog and shopping cart (if applicable).

5. Configuration of the secure transaction processor for use with shopping cart (if applicable).

6. Complete training on the use of Cazbah’s CMS.

The end result is a new, small business website that’s easy to manage and update! You’ll be able to upload images and document files, update and configure your eCommerce catalog and shopping cart, review and fulfill online orders and queries, access online reports of sales, analyze your website traffic and much more!

Internet Marketing Consulting

Your Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) is an online marketing expert who will spend the time necessary to understand your unique small businesses and your specific challenges. Their goal is to be your partner with one objective in mind: to generate website traffic and income from the internet for your small business!

Your dedicated IMC works directly with you to develop and implement your internet marketing plan. They will work with you to develop a plan to best market your products and services to the right audiences!

At Cazbah, relationship is everything! We don’t want to be a faceless service, we want to be an integral part of your small business success team! Seriously, we don’t have a stopwatch and we don’t keep track of hours spent on an individual client basis. Some clients will naturally require more of our time than others. We’re O.K. with that. Your success is our priority!

Your dedicated IMC is trained and knowledgeable in the following areas:

Internet Marketing Plan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click / Ad Words

Social Media

Local Optimization

Analytics and Reporting

Email Marketing

Sales and Lead Generation


As with all other elements of the Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution, your IMC is most concerned with your continued growth and success on the Internet. They’re focused on generating more qualified leads and sales for your small business. They are steeped in the Cazbah results tradition. The fact is, all clicks, page-views, likes, friends and follows are meaningless if they don’t lead to a sale!

As a part of a larger team, Cazbah IMCs continually educate themselves on the rapidly changing tools and technologies that shape online communications. They pursue professional certifications such Google Adwords and Analytics Certified Professional status. The IMC team has a broad range of experience including retail, B2C, B2B, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution/dealership and consumer and business services. Most importantly, they bring that knowledge and skill to your business!

The success of the Cazbah business model is based on your (and all of our customers) voluntary renewal year-after-year. With a retention rate of nearly 95%, Cazbah’s customers often cite their dedicated IMC as a key component in making their decision to stay with Cazbah for many years.

You can count on our stewardship, integrity, keen insight and years of small business internet marketing experience as the basis of the relationship that you establish with Cazbah.