Internet Marketing Plan

Writing an Internet Marketing plan can be a challenge so, we do it for you. Your dedicated IMC will develop an Internet Marketing plan and help you implement it. This is an essential step to the successful operation of your small business on the Web. We will create an elegant yet simple framework that will guide your marketing efforts on the Web.

We will ask many questions in order to get to know your business and the markets that you serve. We need to get to know your ideal customers and your competition. We’ll help you determine what your customers want, what motivates them to contact you and, most importantly, make a purchase.

Pick your niche!
At Cazbah we recognized from the beginning that we can’t be all things to all people, so we don’t try. Neither should you. Unless you have economies-of-scale like WalMart (you don’t), then you need to focus on your niche(s). We’ll help you define and leverage your niche online. We do this by continuously evaluating and analyzing the data associated with your new website and the marketing activities that we implement for you.

What makes you different? And, why should your customers care?
These two questions, more than any others, are the single most important questions you can answer for your small business. When you can concisely answer them, you will have developed your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). This also serves as your marketing message; a clear statement of who you are to your customers, the value that you provide, and how you differ from your competition.

Once we have identified your niche, your UVP and confirmed your marketing message, we’ll help you select the marketing venues that we will use to promote your business. Once again, your dedicated account manager is your go-to person for direction in this area. They will use all of the resources at their disposal in order to generate the right kind of traffic to your new website; the kind that buys!

Begin with the end in mind.
Setting realistic, time-bounded goals is critical to your success. Determining what we expect to get from our marketing efforts on your behalf is the first step we take. Did we mention that we hold ourselves accountable to these goals too? We really do…