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Sales and Lead Generation

In addition to providing a feature rich, state-of-the-art Ecommerce catalog and shopping cart, perfect for small businesses with shippable products to sell, Cazbah is the perfect solution for small businesses whose products and services may not be ideal for sales directly through an Ecommerce website.

A large number of our customers rely on our expertise in Sales Lead Generation to ensure that not only are more of the right potential customers finding them online but also they are serious and ready to buy when they do so. It has been our experience for more than a decade that if you are receiving a higher number of leads, that are more qualified, you will convert more of them to customers.

Your dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant’s (IMC’s) goal is to boost the number of qualified Sales Leads that are generated as a result of the increasing traffic to your small business website. We have demonstrated that by doing so, we actually reduce your sales cycle times, or the amount of time required to close-a-deal.

We understand that as a small business you don’t have the luxury of long protracted sales cycles. Your dedicated IMC will place particular emphasis on putting you in touch with your qualified prospects as quickly as possible. By doing so we will effectively increase your ‘hit-rate’ or the percentage of times you successfully close-a-deal.

The benefits of this Lead Generation Process to your small business are twofold: Less time and expense is required in your lead generation activities, thereby reducing your cost-of-sales and, a higher conversion rate means that you are making more sales, at a reduced cost, which increases your sales revenue and ultimately increases your small business income.