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Ad Words Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC), most often associated with Google Ad Words, is a form of search engine advertising where, for a fee on a per-click basis, the search engine will place your listing (advertisement) at the top of the search results in a special highlighted section called sponsored links or sponsored ads.

Pay Per Click is a service that you pay for when your ad is clicked. We have found, over the years, that we can generate immediate search results and conversion for our small business customers through the effective use of PPC.

Small businesses don’t have big budgets, so we suggest that you start small and consult your account manager. It won’t cost you anything to set up your Ad Words account and to get your sponsored link (ad) on the SERP page. It only costs you when someone clicks on your link, and that is based on the bid price that you paid for it. Your dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) will assist you in selecting the appropriate key words and phrases for your PPC campaigns.

How does Pay Per Click work? Search engines also allow you to set a budget on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you can manage your advertising expenses closely. With PPC advertising you can adjust your budget to your sales conversion rate, helping you determine how aggressively you want to invest in this part of your marketing mix. This will also keep you from going over budget or spending money on non-converting terms.

One of the benefits of PPC that we have realized for our small business customers is the immediate response we can see from a well managed Ad Words campaign. Because of how PPC advertising works, you can get to the top of the SERP page with a minimal investment. This in turn means that you are likely to get immediate sales results as well.

Making sure you get the right traffic from your PPC campaigns is very important. Your dedicated IMC will ensure that all of your PPC campaigns are as efficient and effective as possible. Using Analytics, they will track the various keywords and phrases that are being searched. They will determine which of your ads has the best response and which don’t, and whether or not you are getting any conversion (sales) from them.

Armed with this information, your IMC can recommend the types of changes that will have an immediate positive effect on your PPC campaigns.