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Olivia Broersma

   Olivia is the newest member of the Cazbah team! Although she's new, she's been around small businesses all of her life. As the content marketing manager for Cazbah, Olivia knows what it takes to be successful on the Web. Her job is to ensure that a steady stream of relevant, high value content is being regularly produced and distributed to our customers, community members and prospects.

Ecommerce Tips for Small Businesses: Prioritize User Experience

  Before stunning web images, dynamic graphics and videos, and appealing transitions, you need to prioritize user experience (UX) on your small business ecommerce website. User experience needs to be your primary focus when creating, redesigning, and updating...

3 SEO Tips for Small Business Websites You Can Use Today

  Our culture values the immediate and the right now, especially in business. But unchecked, rapid small business growth can often produce disastrous results. Small businesses with an online presence are often excited to move full steam ahead with their new...

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