small business week 2019


Small businesses are a vital part of what makes up the successful U.S. economy. And it’s the “American Dream” spirit that inspires us to become entrepreneurs, to set out into the unknown and take a risk. It’s not easy by any means. In fact, creating or taking over a small business may be one of the most difficult endeavors you’ve ever had to undertake. But, if you put the work in and do what needs to be done, you won’t regret it either.



The Importance of Small Business in America


The U.S. relies on small businesses to boost the economy, lower unemployment rates, and offer the marketplace with increasingly better products and services. Every one of Cazbah’s clients is making an effort in this great responsibility. During this Small Business Week, we at Cazbah want to thank you from one small business to another. Running and managing a successful small business in today’s modern era is difficult to put it lightly, but that doesn’t mean you should suppress your value.


To illustrate just how important small business are in the U.S., check out these stats from the U.S. Small Business Administration:


There were 30.2 million small businesses in America as of 2018

Small business created 1.9 million net, new jobs in 2018

 47.5% of United States workers are employees of small businesses


National Small Business Week occurs between May 5th-11th in 2019. 2019 marks the 66th anniversary of the U.S. Small Business Administration and the 56th anniversary of Presidential recognition of the Week. Happy Small Business Week to all the other small business owners and employees! Take a minute this week to recognize yourselves and your small business’ value. Everyday, small businesses continue to impact the world around them. Whether that’s providing the next innovative product to make your customer’s life a little easier, paying the salary of a valued employee so they can pay their bills, or sponsoring a local community event to raise awareness for a cause, thank you.



Our Success Depends on Your Success


Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution was established in 2001. Over the past 18 years, Cazbah has grown, increased our services, and built deeper connections with our clients. We’ve learned a lot along the way and we know the journey is far from over! We’re eager to continue our mission to assist small to medium sized businesses build their brand value on the web. Cazbah is composed of a group of passionate, online marketing professionals with a passion to see small businesses succeed in our local area, and across the country.


As Small Business Week 2019 rolls around, we’re reminded that we wouldn’t be here without the continued trust, respect, and loyalty of our valued clients. Small businesses supporting each other and helping each other succeed and grow, that’s our goal! I’m proud to say we’ve been meeting that goal consistently over the past 18 years and will continue to push forward in the future.