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Charles (Chaz) Broersma

Charles (Chaz) Broersma Charles (Chaz) Broersma Charles (Chaz) Broersma Charles (Chaz) is the founder of Cazbah. His passion is helping small and mid-sized businesses discover the possibilities available to them by taking full advantage of the Internet as their primary marketing medium. To date, The Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution has helped generate tens of millions of dollars in new sales for our 100s of clients, located throughout the US and Canada, by providing them with the Technology, Process and People that get them more, High Quality Leads and Sales.

10 Shocking Truths about B2B Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has come a long way in a very short period of time. Today, marketing your business requires a well-thought-out strategic approach in order to stay ahead of your competition.   Applying a haphazard approach to your internet marketing efforts...

Create A Marketing Map That Drives Conversion

  Implementing a new digital marketing campaign can be both exciting and worrisome.  This is where having a marketing map comes in! Will it work? What kind of reaction can you expect from customers? Will the Return On Investment (ROI) make it worthwhile? All of...

Five Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Are you a business owner, self-employed professional, freelancer, or some other types of small business that’s trying to make it big in your niche? The high likelihood is that as a small business owner you aren’t a marketing expert, and that’s OK. It’s also likely...

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