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Top 10 Ways To Increase Website Visitors
website visitors

Any business owner wants to attract more visitors to their sites. More website visitors means more conversions and more profits. There are so many ways to attract website traffic. This post will look into the top ten most effective techniques you could apply.


1. Use Long-Tail Keywords



Gone are the days where one-word keywords used to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERP). Google nowadays tend to focus more on the key phrases users type whenever they are looking for something online. A majority of people use more than one word in the search texts. For instance, a person looking for a personal injury lawyer will not type “Personal Injury Lawyer” in the search box. Instead, he will use an expansive phrase like “car accident personal injury lawyer.” You could be missing out on lucrative opportunities if you focus only on one-word keywords.

Here are two more examples to show you exactly what the difference is between short and long-tail keywords:


Generic short Keywords:

website visitors


Long-Tail Keywords:

Website Visitors


2. Be a Guest Blogger


Guest blogging is an effective way to generate more website traffic. Just one post in a popular blog can improve your website visitors twofold and eventually expand your customer base. You won’t simply realize changes on the day your guest post is published, but you will gradually feel the effects in the weeks and months following the publication.

Website Visitors

In order to get more website visitors, your guest post should contain content that is relevant to readers and provide useful information. At the bottom of the post, you must feature your biography or any kind of information a reader can use to track you, like your site’s URL. Remember, you are gaining access to someone else’s blog. So, make sure the information the guest post provides represents you and your company in the best way possible.


3. Look for Referral Traffic


Referral traffic is the number of website visitors who come to your site from other sites. Referral traffic brings in more readers and potential customers and increases your conversion rates. It also provides SEO benefits, which can make your site to rank highly in search results.


Website Visitors


You can boost the number of referrals using Pinterest. A recent study showed that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. You can also attract more referrals by holding a press conference about an event you will be hosting or key milestones such as annual revenues, executive changes, product launches and acquisitions.


4. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Another great way to increase your website visitors is to run a pay per click (PPC) campaign. A PPC campaign allows you to market your site in popular blogs, leading to more clicks and potential customers in the process. You can start with simple PPC campaign platforms such as Yahoo Search Marketing or Findwhat.

Of course the undisputed leader in this industry is Google. The Google Adwords tool is pretty much head-and-shoulders above anything else you might encounter for PPC campaign planning and implementation. It allows you to get instant traffic without waiting. Understand that you’ll have to part with a few bucks to do so however. The good news is, you can control your budget down to the penny!


5. Talk to People – Drive More Website Visitors


You need to go out there and make your site known by talking to everyone you meet. Word-of-mouth can actually help you spread your message like a virus. Encourage everyone you meet to pass on information about your site to friends, relatives, workmates or any other individual within their social cycle. You can also include a “Pass it on link” at the end of every post your website. A phrase such as “If you enjoyed this post, share it with a friend” can really make a big difference.


6. Embrace Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing allows you to entice hundreds or even thousands of websites to promote your products without spending too much effort or money. For every paying customer, your affiliate will get a fraction of the proceeds. If the customer does not convert, then you don’t have to pay the affiliate. Your affiliate will send visitors to your site using a link. He may also use banners and letters of referrals.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you will need to establish your commissions and get a tool to track traffic and sales. You will also have to provide your affiliate marketers with all the software they need to promote your products or services. There are bunches of affiliate marketing programs out there that are pretty much plug-and-play and don’t require a tremendous amount of effort.

website visitors

Here’s a great blog post that will answer pretty much any question that you have and provide you with a list of the top 10 affiliate marketing programs.


7. Post Content in LinkedIn


If this is the first time you’ve heard about LinkedIn, welcome to the party. LinkedIn, now wholly owned by Microsoft, is one of the largest online social platforms on the Internet. It provides you with a perfect opportunity to interact with millions of customers through valuable publications. In order to gain any meaningful traffic using LinkedIn, you need to post regularly. Also, make sure your content provides information that can compel your readers to share.


website visitors


8. Interview Industry Leaders


You should reach out to various leaders in your industry and request for interviews with them. You will be amazed how many of them will turn up to talk to you. Ask them questions about different topics of interest in your industry and publish their response on your blog. Their names alone will boost your brand’s legitimacy across the industry and increase traffic to your site significantly. They may also share your content on their websites, further expanding your customer base.


9. Leverage Email Marketing


Email marketing is a reliable source of traffic. However, you need to ensure you don’t bombard your target with continuous and annoying emails. An occasional email reminder about a new product or service can work in a way you can never imagine.


10. Create a Responsive Site


Website visitors use various devices to access the internet. You don’t want to limit your website to those who only use desktop computers, as you will be locking out millions of potential customers to your website. Make sure your site can be accessed by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Visitors should be able to interact smoothly with every element in your site.



If you want more website visitors, the preceding 10 ways will provide you with ample opportunity to improve your situation. Nobody said it was going to happen by itself. However, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge either. You can do it! Start with one and work your way through this list. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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