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If your website is a source of sales and revenue for you company, you are most likely depending on someone to follow up on the leads generated from that website.  Website sales and leads tend to come from a handful of different sources:

  • Phone Calls
  • Contact Us Forms
  • Request For Quote
  • Document Downloads
  • E-commerce Transaction
  • Remarketing Transaction

There may be other sources but these are probably the most popular.  I can’t tell you how many times customers of mine (usually business owners) have called me to start a dialog similar to this:

Business Owner:  “My website isn’t generating any sales.  You need to fix this problem.”
Me:  “Have you talked to your salesperson?”
Business Owner:  “Yes, he tells me the website is not producing any leads!”
Me:  “Has your salesperson shown you any of the leads coming from the site?  We are actually seeing a pretty typical website conversion rate for your business.”
Business Owner:  “Well, no he hasn’t, but I’m sure we are not getting enough activity from the site.”
Me:  “Ok well I’ll tell you what, I will put together a list of all the leads for the last quarter and send them to you.  I will provide you with all the phone call data, completed quote requests and contact us forms, etc.”  

Once I  provide the information, it’s common for the business owner to discover that not all of the leads have been pursued. Typically, a flaw with their internal process has caused website leads to sit idle. I’ve heard anything from lead notification emails sitting in spam folders, to receptionists not passing phone call leads on to the appropriate department. At this point, I’ll set all leads to be forwarded to the Business Owner and myself, until the internal issues are resolved.

Does this dialog sound familiar?  Maybe it hasn’t even happened yet because you haven’t asked  why your website isn’t generating any sales or revenue for your company?  Even if you have asked the question, there may be a chance your site is generating sales and revenue opportunities but you don’t know it.

So what should you be doing?  If you are working with an Internet Marketing Consultant, make sure they are doing the following things for you:

  • Measuring all the possible leads and sales that are coming from your site.  That includes phone calls.
  • Your Internet Marketing Consultant has a plan, in conjunction with your sales and marketing plan, to generate online sales.
  • Your Internet Marketing Consultant should be sharing those sales numbers with you on a monthly basis to make sure your plan is working and that your sales person(s) are following up on those leads.
  • Additionally you should be sitting down with your salesperson(s) at a minimum of once every three months to review web leads and sales to make sure proper follow up is being made.

As a small business owner, you quickly learn that no one cares more about your business than you.  You have put everything on the line to make this business successful.  So it is important to make sure the people you have hired to generate sales for your website are actually following up and closing that business.

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