small business website redesign


A website redesign for your small business is an essential part of any successful online marketing strategy. Small retail, service, dealer/ distributor, and manufacturing businesses especially benefit from updated websites because it increases visibility in niche, online searches and drives organic and foot traffic to them.


As a small business, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your brand visibility and awareness online so you can better compete with bigger businesses and your own direct, industry competitors. An updated, current, and modern small business website is what searchers now expect when they’re deciding to work with a particular small business or not. To stay competitive, you need to meet the technological demands and standards of the modern internet.



Choosing a Web Development Company 


Unless you have a background in coding, SEO, and website development, you should look into hiring an internet marketing company to help you with your small business site redesign. Working with online marketing professionals who are well versed in the most current trends and processes is the best way to ensure your website is created and updated correctly. You don’t want to risk working with a second rate SEO and web development company, so you need to do your research.


best questions to ask when deciding to work with an online marketing company


Before you decide on who to work with, make sure to check out that business’ blog, about us, pricing, reviews, and solutions/ services pages. Ask questions and make sure you get clear answers. 


Cazbah specializes in working with small to medium sized manufacturing, service, retail, and dealer/ distributor businesses. We provide Analytics tracking and reporting, SEO work, web development and design, and marketing assistance too! Check out Cazbah’s reviews page to see what our current customers are saying about us!



Basic Changes Go a Long Way


If you’re not yet sold on working with a specific web development company, or if you are and want to start a conversation with them about a small business website redesign, here are a few areas you should hit on:


– The navigation bar

– Media optimization (images, videos, infographics etc.)

– Content creation

– Layout style (placement, font, color scheme)


Even if you can’t do a full website redesign for your small business right away, these are some areas you can address right now that may be hurting your organic traffic and SERP ranking numbers!



The Navigation Bar


To start off with, you should only have four to six main tabs in your navigation bar. You can have other main pages nested beneath and organized into those main tabs, but your main nav bar should be as simple as possible.


Not only will a simple navigation make your website look cleaner, your web visitors will be able to find the pages they’re looking for faster and easier! This simple change could decrease your bounce rate and increase your on page time metrics in Google Analytics.



Media Optimization


The type of media sizes and formats you have on your website play a large role in page load time. Yes, fancy graphics and images look great and attract your viewers eye, but they’re never going to see them if they don’t load!


how to check online image optimization


Make sure your images and videos are well sized. You don’t need them to take up the entire page, your content should do that. Additionally, make sure the images you upload are JPEGs instead of PNGs. JPEGs will load faster while still being good quality images for your site.


Including images and videos on your website is a great resource you can provide for your web visitors, just be smart about it. Balancing media with useful content is the sweet spot you want to hit to achieve optimal website success.



Content Creation


Optimized, quality content is what will bring people to your website and web pages. If Google is going to rank you, they need to have content to crawl! You should invest in a blog section for your website where you can publish regular content to keep your site current and fresh. Google uses over 200 different factors to determine SERP rank, and they’ve made it clear that long form, web content plays a huge role in determining how well a website or web page ranks.


With more content on your website, you’ll also be able to rank for more keywords and long tail phrases! This means more people will be coming to your website! Optimizing your website and web page content for several different, long tail keywords will allow you to access more members of your niche audience and may even connect you with audiences you hadn’t previously considered. Keep in mind that producing quality content takes time, but your ROI later on will be well worth it.



Layout Style


A simple website layout will help to boost your brand credibility and authority, increase organic traffic to your website, and connect with your website visitors. If you have too much happening on your homepage, landing pages, or other web pages, expect that your bounce rate will be fairly high. You need a simple layout style that’s aesthetically pleasing and allows your visitors to find what they’re looking for fast!


Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:


– Place your most important information above the fold


– Stick to the same, limited color scheme for all your marketing materials (this includes ads, web pages, videos etc.)


– Use a simple font. Your text should be simple and legible for all (don’t let the font style take away attention from what you’ve actually written)



In Conclusion


If you’re seeing your web traffic and revenue levels decline, a small business website redesign may be what you need to solve your problem. If you want to stay competitive as a small business, you need to focus on your presentation in your industry. Your website plays an enormous role in the success of your small business and you should be doing everything you can to ensure it!