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If you have joined the craft beer craze these days, you might have heard of Singlecut Beersmiths from Queens, NY. Their hop-driven beers have been around since 2012 and have made discriminating craft beer drinkers very happy.

Singlecut is a small brewery primarily known for their IPA styles of beer. They operate in an extremely competitive marketplace that has thousands of smaller breweries and some very large breweries. Their competitive advantage has really centered around exceptional taste, and that taste is very dependent on freshness.

The reason I bring up Singlecut in my monthly contribution is because they are very similar to many of my small business customers. They are in a very competitive marketplace and depend on a deeper understanding of their customers in order to be successful.

I happen to be one of Singlecut’s satisfied customers. Their beers are always fresh, and as a customer, I know when their beers have been brewed and when they will be available for sale in my area. Singlecut’s customer communication is excellent and reminds me of how important it is for small businesses to keep in touch with their customers.

Singlecut does this a couple ways.
  • Feet on the Ground – Their General Manager, Dan Bronson, is visible within their sales distribution areas developing close relationships with resellers, going to events, and talking directly with customers.
  • Listening – Singlecut closely monitors beer forums on social media and other areas to find any customer dissatisfaction with their beers. If found, they act quickly to replace those beers to make sure their customers are happy.
  • Direct Communication – Singlecut has created a program called This is a dedicated employee who fields questions from customers about their beers and freshness. Singlecut will also send out email communications letting me know when their next batch of beers will be available in my area.

What impresses me the most about Singlecut though is what I wish all my customers would do. Listen. Take it from Singlecut’s General Manager, Dan Bronson:

“We are always glad to jump in and answer questions…I mean it makes our business so much better and our beer so much better.”

Singlecut doesn’t guess what is happening with their customers. They go out and encourage their customers to talk because their customers know Singlecut is listening.

Most recently, I was on a beer forum and noticed the following conversation. A customer was complaining about a bad smell and a bad taste of a Singlecut beer. In less than 24 hours, Singlecut was on the forum asking questions to find out what went wrong. See below:


By the end of the day, Singlecut’s local distributor found out it was an isolated incident and invited the customer to a private conversation so he could “take care” of him.

Lots of eyes saw that interaction and took note. Craft beers are expensive, and people want to know when they buy one, they will get what they paid for. Singlecut’s communication with their customers sets them apart by ensuring that will happen.

How are you communicating with your customers? Are you guessing what their experience is with your products or services, or are you rolling up your sleeves to get a true understanding of their needs? Don’t leave your customers with a bitter taste in their mouth. Listen to them, and make sure they get what they need.

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