Butler Winding: Electronic Assembly Manufacturing


Since 2009, Cazbah has been helping Butler Winding find the right customers online for their custom electronic assembly manufacturing products. “Our business is made up of the stuff that you just can’t find anywhere else,” commented Jay Smith, Vice President of Operations. “Everything that we do is custom. That’s what makes us so unique.”


Cazbah developed a content rich, digital sales website, that is chock-full of useful information that Butler Winding’s customers can reference in their decision making process. Application specific webpages are complimented by a wealth of electrical theory articles, product manufacturing videos, a robust FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and downloadable PDF data sheets.

Content is king on the Internet, especially if you intend to have your customers find you through a search engine. Cazbah continuously optimizes Butler Winding’s website to ensure that searchers can find the very specific custom electronics manufacturing information they are looking for. Jay commented that, “I can say for certain that our account manager has put in more time than I have getting our website designed and tuned so that we attract the right customers.”

Bottom Line:

For Butler Winding, it’s all about getting the ‘right’ customers to contact them from their website. Jay explains, “We are now getting 14 – 16 quote requests per month with a similar number of contact us forms as well. We also get upwards of 20 – 25 new phone calls per week from customers and prospects who are calling us from our website.”

He went on to say, “Our ability to get in front of the right customers is due in large part to the content on our website. It’s clear by the results that we are getting that our prospects and customers now have a much better impression of our company and the fact that we can do what they need done.”