Corny Keg: Home Brewing Products Ecommerce


Greg Nimmo, owner, started out thinking that Corny Keg was just going to be a way that he could generate some extra income to support his beer making hobby. He was pleasantly surprised when saw the initial sales results and started to realize the full potential of his new eCommerce website.

Greg talks about his situation on the Internet when he first got started with Corny Keg, “Before Cazbah, I used a friend of ours, who had done some other website work for me in my main business. Basically, he got us configured, got the website up and that was it. At that point, we were on our own as-far-as the web marketing, SEO, all that good stuff.”


Cazbah designed and built Corny Keg’s new, responsive website and took care of all of the internet marketing related activities, an area that Greg admits he’s no expert in. Website content and navigation was specifically geared towards Corny Keg’s target market, the home-brewing enthusiast. Giving potential customers the ability to find exactly what they were looking for, in as few clicks as possible, was the highest priority. Equally important was getting those same website visitors to put those products in their shopping cart and process the order.

Cazbah knew that when Greg’s target customer went searching for Corny Keg and other home brewing products on the Internet, they needed to be able to find them quickly and easily. Greg comments, “We wouldn’t be where we are today if I had to learn SEO, or pay-per-click. I could do those things and I know enough to hurt myself, but not enough to really grow a business. That’s where partnering with Cazbah really helps.”

Bottom Line:

“We started with Cazbah in March of 2010,” Greg said. “That first month, we did more in online sales than we had done in any of the previous months. We have grown every single month since then. Our first full month with Cazbah was around $5,000 in sales, and our last month just topped $25,000 in sales.”

The way Greg measures this is by tracking average order size. He said, “Average order size is important to us. It was especially important when we first got started. Increasing average order size is one of our goals. When we first started, our average order size was roughly $60 per order. This changes every month, but last month the average order size was $140.”