Dutch Mill Bulbs: Flower Bulbs Retail and Wholesale


Dutch Mill Bulbs has been helping organizations like high school bands, church groups, clubs, and scouting organizations earn more money with less effort than any other fundraiser, since 1960. They’ve tailored their flower fundraising program into a finely-tuned profit machine.

“We needed to create more attention and draw more visitors to our website,” explains Jeff Ellenberger, president. “Prior to our relationship with Cazbah we just had a website. Now we have a website that really works for us and our exposure in our markets has definitely increased.”


Cazbah designed a dynamic website that was easy to use and that customers could easily navigate and interact with to find the product information they were looking for. Once complete, Cazbah optimized the website so search engines could index it easily and rank it in the top 10 search results.

Over the years, Dutch Mill Bulbs has amassed thousands of email addresses from past customers and interested prospects. These contacts represent a significant portion of Dutch Mill Bulbs future sales. Cazbah provides a monthly email marketing campaign to these prime sales leads, ensuring that they receive the information they will need to make their buying decision.

Bottom Line:

Having originally gone-to-market as a mail order business, Dutch Mill Bulbs saw their business transform over the years into an online success. “The Internet has changed our business significantly,” Jeff explains. “Our Cazbah website is now responsible for more than 75% of our total sales.”

He went on to say, “We receive up to 50 quote requests per day, directly from our website. That number can go as high as 75 quote requests on a good day. We routinely see between 150 and 200 quote requests coming in through our website per week.”

All the website traffic in the world is worthless, unless you can convert it into sales. Jeff was quick to point out that, “The quality of the sales leads that we are getting cannot be overstated. We generally convert 85% of these quote requests to proposals. Our closing rate, the number of quotes that we convert to a sale, is a consistent 50%.”