Sidco Filter Corporation:

OEM Filter Manufacturer


Sidney ‘Sid’ Cutt, President and Owner of Sidco Filter Corporation, grew frustrated when he wasn’t seeing the website results he’d hoped for when working with other web companies or managing the website himself. Even though their website was getting some traffic, it was the ‘wrong’ type of traffic.

No one at Sidco Filter Corporation had the time to follow up on these baseless leads. Luckily, Sidco Filter Corporation came into contact with Cazbah and realized the power that target marketing could have for his business. Sid hasn’t looked back since!


Sidco Filter Corporation became a Cazbah client in 2005 and has remained a loyal customer ever since. Since then, Cazbah has worked with Sidco Filter Corporation to ‘tighten the focus’ of their small business website to attract their desired target audience. Sid comments that,
“When we went to Cazbah, we were able to tighten the approach so that today
we get very few non-specific inquiries at all.”

Cazbah assists Sidco Filter Corporation by creating a dynamic and optimized website, analyzing valuable analytics and reporting data, and providing customer service and support. Now, Sidco Filter Corporation’s website attracts valuable leads and helps to retain customers long term. The quality and of Sidco Filter Corporation’s website can be seen in the increasing number of customers and revenue they attain with every passing year.

Bottom Line:

Sidco Filter Corporation has been a dedicated Cazbah client for more than 10 years running. “We’ve been with Cazbah for well over five years now and we’re obviously satisfied, because we’ve stuck with them for so long,” Sid commented.

Sid knows and has repeatedly seen the effect that target marketing has had on the success of Sidco Filter Corporation. Sid now has a better understanding of his small business website and his target audience can more easily find it as well. “We’re ‘Happy ever after’ with Cazbah”, he says.