Davis Trailer World: Trailer Dealer and Service Center


It wasn’t an easy transition becoming a successful Internet company and unfortunately it didn’t happen on the first (or second) try for Davis Trailer World. Dean Davis, president explains, “Prior to Cazbah, we had two different web companies. The first one originated our website but, all of a sudden they weren’t available and to make matters worse we didn’t see any growth. So we moved our website over to our computer company. They were slow to react and they really didn’t have a grasp of what we wanted to do. Everything they did had a cost. There was always a bill. It got ugly. It was not a good partnership.”

Being ‘out-in-the-country,’ Davis Trailer World faced some unique challenges when it came to doing business on the Internet. Dean commented, “To be able to find Davis Trailer World on the Internet is invaluable. We are out in a rural area, so sometimes it’s difficult for people. Our customers do a lot of research and we can get to know them and they can get to know us, without having to make the trip until it’s actually time to make the final purchase or take delivery.”


Davis Trailer World joined up with Cazbah in 2005. For the past 10 years they have seen their website traffic grow and they’ve watched their sales increase every year. Cazbah completely redesigned their website to be more user friendly, focusing on providing their customers with the information that they were searching for. Cazbah developed and optimized the contents of the new website. These efforts have paid-off, allowing customers to find the product specific web pages on the Davis Trailer World website when they search.

Davis Trailer World’s dedicated account manager is always available with expert Internet Marketing advice and the friendly and courteous service that they have come to expect. Dean explains, “The nice thing about Cazbah is they’re always available. When we have a request or a need, we present it to our account manager, they follow up on it and it’s taken care of. They’re also the experts and that makes for a good partnership.”

Bottom Line:

Dean knows that you have to continue to grow as a small business if you want to stay in business. “Fortunately for us, our sales have grown every year. We can attribute a good portion of that to the Internet. We’ve grown sales by 10-15%, just through the Internet, on an annual basis. Every week we see growth.”

“We get sales leads through the Internet at a rate of probably twenty-five per week, right now. Whether it be emails, phone calls or direct contacts from our website that we’re able to follow up on,” he went on to say. “We’re averaging about ten proposals per week that we quote. We’re right around 50% or a little above for a close rate, once we have a qualified lead.”