Hotlgreven Scale & Electronics Corp: Commercial Scale Manufacturing, Installation and Service


Len Holtgreven, company president talks about the Hotlgreven website, prior to joining up with Cazbah in 2009, “Our situation on the Web before Cazbah was, we had a website that was homegrown. It generated leads but, they were really a lot of people who were just looking. There were really no good leads.”

“Getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Making sure that they are the ‘right’ potential customers, who truly have a need for your products and services, is the other half.” Len knew this all too well. He goes on to say, “I spent a lot of time putting out quotes, talking to people, but not generating sales.”


As a specialty manufacturer of industrial scales that also provides installation and service of their equipment, it was imperative that Cazbah develop a content rich website to meet their unique needs. The website was designed to provide the company’s prospective customers with not only the information on industrial scales that they were searching for but, everything that the customer needed to know about their scale solution and installation.

Each page on the Holtgreven Scale & Electronics Corp. website was optimized to allow for the best possible search engine optimization. Potential customers find exactly what they are looking for when they go searching for an industrial scale solution. The optimization on the website ensures that searchers are taken directly to the appropriate page containing the information they need to take the next step in their buying decision.

Bottom Line:

Being a business that relies exclusively on a quoting process for their sales, it was essential that the level of customer inquiry increased in all areas for Holtgreven. Len goes on to explain, “I’m averaging between 5 and 10 phone calls directly from our website per day. Email requests are the same.”

All the leads in the world aren’t worth anything if you can’t bring them to a sale. “Half of these website related inquiries result in a quote and a quarter of those eventually lead to a sale of some type,” he said. “Our business growth, last year, was fantastic. Our business was down coming in to Cazbah. But, the results from the website, caused pretty close to a doubling in sales last year.”