Automation Aides: Industrial Distributor


Roland Vollman, President of Automation Aides, had heard all of the stories about the opportunities for small businesses on the Internet but he was skeptical. The prospect of signing up with a website provider and giving them a lot of his hard-earned money with no assurance that they would see results, just didn’t sit well with him.

Fortunately for Automation Aides, Cazbah was one of the companies they looked at to create their new website. Something about Cazbah caught Roland’s attention. It almost sounded too-good-to-be-true. He continues, “When Cazbah brought in their proposal, it was a flat fee. They answered all my questions on the front end. They were clear with me that for the price we’d get up and running on the web.”


Cazbah built Automation Aides’ new website to reflect their unique value to their customers. Roland comments, “I have to give kudos to the people back at Cazbah. They are the ones who looked at the cross-sectioned of what we were selling and said, ‘You’re experts in torque. We’re going to focus on torque and torque tools. We’re going to show that you are the experts, which you are.’ They really took the time to identify and highlight the products on our website that our customers want and need.”

Bottom Line:

Cazbah delivered on their commitment, getting Automation Aides’ new, responsive website designed, built and launched quickly. Better still, the new website performed better than Roland could have expected. He commented that, “We’ve had first-page presence on the search engines ever since, and our Cazbah website has probably brought us 30% of our new business.”

Rolland went on to say, “ We’re easily getting 75 – 100 contacts from our Cazbah website per week. Our quote requests have also increased. We’re seeing a four-to-five-fold increase in sales leads, since prior to having our new website with Cazbah. More gratifying than that is the fact that we’re locking down 50% – 60% of the quotes that we now put out.”