When I began working for Cazbah, people would often ask the same questions:


Who are they? 
What do they do? 


So who is Cazbah? Cazbah is an internet marketing company, providing online marketing services for small businesses with the online presence they need to succeed and compete online. That was just the short answer, though.


The first time I heard about Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution, I was sitting in the same seat most of you are. That’s right! I was a prospect and looking at Cazbah from your exact point of view. I personally managed and did all the marketing for a handful of small, local businesses. The only difference between you and me is the fact I had several years of marketing under my belt, so to speak. This gave me the perfect advantage because I knew what questions to ask and any red flags to looks for. 


I’m going to tell you a bit about what I found out and why I continue to choose to work at Cazbah every day.


So the same question again. Who is Cazbah?    



Cazbah Total Internet Marketing Solution


Cazbah is so much more than just an “internet marketing company”. At Cazbah, we have a passion for providing online marketing services for small businesses to help them achieve their goals online. As a small business ourselves, we know the odds aren’t always in the favor of small businesses and start ups. That’s why Cazbah exists, to make that journey a little easier. We’ve been down the road before and are looping back around to bring the next line of small businesses down the same path of online success.


How will we do that? Well, I’m glad you asked.


The Cazbah Solution is composed of three main parts: 



Cazbah uses the best technology and resources to create, optimize, and track your small business website using a repeatable and documented process, managed by personalized and expert IMCs (internet marketing consultants).


The reason why Cazbah’s strategic, digital marketing plan was so appealing to me personally, as a marketing consultant, was the fact that it provided small to medium size businesses with a way to compete with their online competitors. It sounded too good to be true. That’s when I went out and did my research. The moment I gathered all the data, it became very clear. Cazbah finally figured it out! They put together the perfect marketing mix to help small businesses grow and compete online at an actually affordable, annual rate.


More than ten years later, I’m still with Cazbah. I’ve watched Cazbah change, evolve, and continue adding more and more services to the marketing mix. While I’m not always asked who Cazbah is anymore, I am asked what Cazbah has to offer. The answer? A complete, affordable, and proven solution to small business online marketing!



In Conclusion


Are you wondering if hiring an online marketing company is worth it for your small business? Have you heard of Cazbah, but want a little more information? Take your time to review everything, that’s a big decision and commitment! Read over the information above and follow the in-text links too! I’m confident the Cazbah Solution will work for your small business, just as it does for our current customers.


Give us a call and we’ll show you how you can change your online success around too!