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The competitive nature of business demands that companies take aggressive steps to ensure their website development is done correctly and is designed to be SEO friendly.


Today, the majority of people online search for products and services prior to making any purchasing decisions. This is the reason why companies must invest time and energy in websites design guidelines and SEO structure. It’s imperative that every company’s website truly represents them because it’s their first chance to influence and sway buyers in their direction.



It Starts With Content


Website development and Search Engine Optimization go hand-in-hand and should never be overlooked.  An SEO friendly website is one that makes it easy for the search engines to crawl pages and explore the website in order to gain better rankings, drive more traffic, and increase conversion rates.


For this to happen, you must make it easy for the search engine to scan your website and make sense of the content on the pages. The whole process takes careful planning, with focus on website structure.


Some of the most important elements to consider during website development include: link and url structure, indexing, content, keywords, and analytics installation.


Ensuring that your website has good, quality content is important in order to provide website visitors with a positive experience. It also helps to enhance your rankings in the search engines. Once you have the content set, keyword research is the next step, in order to help drive traffic to the product and or service offerings on your website.


Here are a few guidelines on how to implement a user friendly website to ensure the best possible SEO performance for it during the design and development process:



Website Structure


The website structure is created using several components which must be organized properly. Google favors sites that are well organized. When organizing your website, you need to think about a logical flow in how the pages should link to one another. Linking pages that are related to one another helps people navigate through your website easily.



Crawl Friendly


Crawl-ability is the first important step to ensuring search-ability. The critical aspect of the search engine crawling your website is to make sure it’s easy for Googlebot or Bingbot (the software that the search engines use to collect and review all of the content on your website), to crawl and index the pages on your website. For this to happen, you must make your website compliant with search engine crawl guidelines.



Small Businesses Need Mobile Friendly Websites


Website Development


The number of searches emanating from mobile devices has risen steadily over the past few years. To tap into this growing trend, you need to optimize your website for mobile devices.


Mobile search engine results are presented most favorably for websites that are optimized for mobile users. This is what is referred to as having a “mobile responsive website”.



Scan Your Website For Errors


Issues such as broken links and syntax errors often occur during website coding or other website development activities. If these issues are not fixed, they will most likely affect your website’s standing in Google.



Track Your Website Goals In Google Analytics


When you want to make your website search engine friendly in order to grow your traffic, you need to evaluate your website’s performance using tools such as Google Analytics. This set of analytical  tools will give you crucial insights into the performance of your website, so that you can take steps to improve in areas where you are weak.



Common SEO Mistakes People Make During Website Development


Since the whole optimization process is engineered by search engines, website owners and marketers have been forced to rethink their web optimization strategies to ensure conformity. However, making the necessary changes to keep your website SEO friendly can be challenging.


This is primarily because it takes constant attention to remain well-informed about the inner workings of the latest optimization tools and techniques. Below is a list of common Search Engine Optimization mistakes you need to avoid when redesigning your website.



Using the Wrong Keywords


Every keyword that you want to rank for must be optimized if you want to obtain the desired search results. The mistake most website owners make is placing too much emphasize on long tail keywords instead of search engine and user friendly keywords.


To start with, you need to understand the words most potential customers use in their search for your products or services, and adopt them into the content that you use to describe your products or services. A couple of great tools to consider for this purpose include: the Moz Keyword Explorer and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.


  Website Development



Duplicate Content


Using duplicate content (content that is identical page-to-page) on your website, is a very bad idea and a common practice of some website designers, even today. When you publish duplicated content, you can expect serious penalties, such as being downgraded in the search engine results. This is because the search engines don’t know which page to rank the content for. In a word, it’s confusing to them.


Furthermore, you should never copy-and-paste content from another website directly to your own. This is as bad, if not worse, than having duplicate content on your own website.


This problem can be overcome by enlisting the assistance of professional copywriters to help you create meaningful and original content. This doesn’t have to be an expensive process and can be managed very effectively using several online content development services like UpWork and Textbroker.



Overlooking Google Analytics


Once you’ve got the ball rolling, you need to track, measure and manage your website optimization efforts to determine that everything is working as it should be. A tool like Google Analytics can measure and analyze your website’s performance, on a multitude of metrics, to determine the effectiveness of your website.


Website Development



When installing Google Analytics, make sure that you don’t mishandle the sub domains on your website, if you have any, and check your website’s source code to ensure that Google Analytics is installed properly.



Poor URL Structure


The benefit of quality external links to your website is something that every content marketer should consider. You should seek out relevant, external links from high ranking websites, with a good reputation. These links should also be connected to meaningful anchor text. In the event that you want to your URL in the future, you should also create a resourceful 404 redirect link.



In Conclusion


Success on the Web has a tremendous amount to do with website development and SEO. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can do this work in a vacuum. Implement the points made in this article, to ensure that you will get the best possible search engine results from your new website.



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