small business manufacturing guest blog posting


Have you tried guest posting on another small business blog as a specialty manufacturer?


Maintaining high organic traffic rates to your small business website can be tough, especially if you’re a niche, specialty manufacturer. You’ve most likely tried pumping your website full of optimized page content, shared your posts on social media, sent out your content with an email marketing list, and maybe some other strategies as well. These are all great ways to create and boost interest in your website content, but there’s another method that many small business owners and entrepreneurs often forget about or overlook.


Below, I’m going to share with you how you can leverage small business blog guest posting as a specialty manufacturer to drive more traffic to your specialty, small business today!


Let’s get started!



What Is It and Why Should I Do It?


Small business blog guest posting is a two-sided coin. Either you can host an original article or blog post written by someone else on your small business website and social media accounts, or you can write a unique article for someone else to host on their website and social media accounts. Both are great ways to increase organic traffic, increase awareness for your specialty manufacturing small business, and position yourself as a trusted resource and authority in your niche market.


How? I’ll tell you.


For this example, let’s say you’re the one writing the guest article for another website to host.


Right off the bat, you’ve made a potentially long term, beneficial relationship with another small business, especially if that small business is in the same manufacturer industry or market as you. You can continue to guest post/ host, connect, and interact on social media with them to build your business.


When another small business website hosts your article and posts it on their personal or company’s social media account, they’re doing free publicity work for you! They’re basically sending a direct message to their followers, customers, and target audience saying, “Hey! Look at this great info by X specialty manufacturer. We like them and so should you!”.


Once those people see your article link and post, they’ll most likely want to check it out on your website. You can also create an “author’s summary” at the end of your article to give readers a better idea of who you are. Make sure to include a brief overview of what your company does and include your small business website URL where readers can go to get more information on your specialty products or services.


The more you guest post as a small business and get your brand name and content out there, the wider audience you’ll be engaging with. You’ll be able to integrate your brand and your specialty manufacturing small business into the minds of people you would have never had access to before!


In the small business world, every connection and interaction counts. We at Cazbah work with many different types of specialty manufacturers. Many have specific selling and busy seasons that can make it more difficult to reach out and gain new leads and website visits. However, when you choose to guest post for another market related business or publication, you’re instantly connected with more potential prospects than you could find yourself in a month in your slower seasons.



How to Start Guest Posting as a Small Business Specialty Manufacturer


Here’s how you can start guest posting even if you’re a niche, specialty manufacturer no one has heard of before:


First, you need to search out publications, shared market businesses, and trustworthy sources to request to guest write for. Make sure those businesses you search out have a blog section already existing on their website or at the very least are active on their various social media accounts. Take the time to read over some of their previous blog posts so you can become familiar with their layout style, tone, and subject matter. This will help you to write the best articles possible, so they’ll be more willing to share it and their readers will interact with it.


You can find these potential businesses by researching other small businesses in your market industry you think would connect you with potential leads and your target audience, utilize your social media accounts, online groups, and forums to network and reach out, or you can also offer to write an original guest post back for someone if you receive a request for your small business website to host one.


Really, it just comes down to asking.


Once you have a website (or a few) you’d like to guest write for, you need to reach out and connect with them. The easiest way to connect would be through email, though you could send a less formal, social media message if you’re already connected. Before you send your email, you want to make sure you’re sending it to the right person. Do a little researching on those websites so you can track down the contact info of either a specific content writer, the content marketing manager, or even the CEO if the business is small enough.


Here’s a standard guest post email template you can use to help you get started:


Hi [person’s name],

My name is [your name] and I’m the [position title] for [your specialty manufacturing business name]. I noticed you’re company works in [your shared industry] as well and thought it would be good for us to connect.

I noticed your website publishes great blog articles and was wondering if you accept guest posts as well. I have a few great blog article topics I think your audience would enjoy and that I’d love to share with you!
[list your three blog article topic ideas]

Let me know what you think!

[your name]


Of course you can add your own variations to your emails, but this is just a good, standard template you can follow if your just starting out guest posting.



In Conclusion


Guest posting is a great way to boost organic traffic, increase brand recognition and awareness, and connect with a wider range of individuals in your target audience as a small business, specialty manufacturer. Remember, content is king and it’s through amazing content that you’ll be found online. Happy writing!