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Email Marketing


A few months ago, I wrote a blog post explaining the benefits and best practices for email marketing campaigns. Of course, there’s a wide variety of email campaigns these best practices should be applied to. Now that we’re all on the same page, it’s time to kick it up to transactional email marketing campaigns!


Every business owner has the desire to increase their revenue, and I’ll tell you how you can through transactional email marketing campaigns.



What are Transactional Email Marketing Campaigns?


Transactional email campaigns are used to trigger the customer to complete a specific action. This is opposed to emails that are simply informative or provide some sort of status update.


Here are a few ways to best utilize Transactional Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Promotions, Discounts & Coupons
  • Order & Shipping Notifications
  • Low Inventory
  • Seasonal Clearances
  • Current & Additional Services
  • Membership Renewal Notices
  • Items in Shopping Cart Reminders (when customers abandon the cart)
  • Product Reviews After Purchase
  • Inactive Customer Emails
  • New Product Lines
  • Product Improvements

The hinge of these transactional email marketing campaigns is including a strong call to action. Let your email content create the build up and your call to action be the apex. In transactional emails, you want to do as much heavy lifting as you can to make the readers job as easy as possible. Give them all the info they’d need about the product, service, or deal you’re offering and give them easy access to the product page on your site, so they can learn more and easily buy it.


Create an enticing button with a backlink directly to your product page if you want to peak a reader’s interest in a sale or include a shipping progress bar if you’re sending an order notification. Don’t just put words on a page, make sure they have a purpose!



What are the Benefits?


Once you’ve taken the time to establish your brand name and build relationships with your target areas, you can begin to use transactional emails to grow your sales.


A major benefit of transactional emails is that those email readers already know your company and who you are. This familiarity can often lead campaigns to experience fairly high open and click-through rates.


Think about it like caller ID. If you see “unknown number” pop up on your iphone, are you going to answer? Most likely not. But, if you see one of your contact’s names or maybe even a familiar area code, you’re more likely to answer because you know who they are. You have a relationship with them and you know what you’re getting into. There’s a sense of security and trust that you’ve built with that person, so you don’t mind engaging in a conversation with them.  It’s the same way with your email recipients.



The Right Message


Now that you have your customers’ attention, the next step is to make sure you’re delivering the right message. Again, this is where building relationships with your customers comes in. Being aware of your clients’ businesses, their passions, and their pain points will help you craft better emails that will get you higher CTR, site visits, and sales.


Take the time to categorize, divide, and segment your customer email lists. This will ultimately give you the ability to be very specific with your offering(s) as you target a specific group, or send a campaign that will be of interest to the entire customer base.


An email campaign is about getting information to your audience quickly. A transactional email campaign is about getting the right information to your audience quickly. By investing in your customers now, you stand to gain a better ROI of your efforts in the future.



In Conclusion


Transactional email marketing campaigns are an effective way to increase sales, but only if you first take the time to get to know your customers. There’s a lot of freedom when it comes to transactional emails, but one objective is always constant, get the right information into the right hands.


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