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We often stumble upon posts talking about the things that “should” be done in internet marketing.  You will even find many articles out there that provide details regarding the “way” internet marketing is done.  Then we have all those who send out random emails making empty promises about ranking.

All this great information; however, the very most important piece of it all is often missed.  The one thing that needs to be established first and foremost is TRUST. Trust

When it comes to working with small to medium size business owners, they wear many hats throughout the day.  This means they don’t have the luxury of taking time out to read through marketing, lengthy emails, fill out forms, etc.  So how do you build a trust worthy relationship with a business owner who has limited time and resources?  Well, it’s actually a lot easier than one would perceive it to be.

Invest time into learning more about a client’s business.  It is crucial that you know what you’re talking about!  Take time to review their existing website – learn about their products and services.  Go a step further by educating yourself more on their specific industry, major competitors, read through any white papers and/or press releases, read through business questionnaires along with other information that may have been provided.

All this information will provide insight as to where the business stands in terms of marketing, strengths and weaknesses.  So what’s the first step?  Exactly, to know what you’re talking about!  When working with a client, always give them time to speak and ask questions.  This allows them to share some of the challenges they face and may help you better understand their goals.

This was and still is the approach I take with my client Jeffrey Ellenberger, Owner of Dutch Mill Bulbs, Inc.  Jeffrey was asked if he would be willing to provide feedback on a few questions related to the business relationship developed over the years.  Read what he has to say in regards to the way trust has had a positive impact on the growth of his business.

What are some of the things that helped you develop a trusting relationship with your account manager?
“For Dutch Mill Bulbs, Inc., Dawn Smith (my account manager) is Cazbah.  Dawn is intelligent, always available and a pleasure to work with.  Her demeanor is both professional and pleasant.  Dawn has earned my trust by learning my business and combining her expertise with our specific needs.”

What were some of your goals when signing on with Cazbah?  Some of the challenges your business faced?
“Dutch Mill Bulbs, Inc. partnered with Cazbah to increase awareness of our spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs and expand our wholesale market.  The major challenge was transitioning from an “information only” site to a “working site” capable of functioning as both an informational vehicle as well as an online store.   It was also imperative to coordinate traditional and e-marketing strategies to effectively promote Dutch Mill Bulbs.”

Were these goals met?
“Yes – Not without some kicking and screaming!”

Always follow through with what you say you’re going to do, be honest and set reasonable expectations.  All this became the foundation in which I built a long, trusting partnership with Jeffrey Ellenberger.  As a team, we continue to tackle the never ending changes related to Internet Marketing.

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