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You definitely don’t want to make your website and all your article posts about “me, me, me”, but you do need to give your customers and searchers some sense of who you are. If a new user comes to your website and is unfamiliar with your brand and what you do, where do you think they’ll go? Your “about us” or “our story” page! People want to know who they’re connecting and doing business with. But how do you write an “About Us” page that doesn’t sound boring or vain?


You need to be open, honest, and clear with your existing and prospective customers about your mission, goals, growth etc. if you want to continue to build relationships with them online. Follow the steps below to craft the perfect “About Us” narrative for your website!



The Purpose


If you’re thinking your business story doesn’t matter to your future customers, you’re incredibly wrong. The majority of your prospects care deeply about what kind of company you are, not just about what you do. Purely from a psychological standpoint, humans are creatures of connections. We enjoy stories and need connection to survive. Your “About Us” section on your website is how you’ll make those connections with prospects.


When people take to the web to do business and product research, they’re looking for your backstory to check your credibility, mastery, and values. The more interesting, interactive, and fun an “About Us” section is, the better chance a business has of making a connections! Your “About Us” section is a place to showcase your originality and to show site visitors the value of working with your business.



How to Write About Yourself Without Sounding Conceited


A lot of business may skip over their “About Us” page for fear of sounding pompous or vain. That’s an understandable concern, but if you skip the section entirely, you potentially driving more customers away than you’re gaining by staying “humble”. In fact, it’s very common for the “About Us” or “Our Story” pages to be the most visited and consistently popular web pages on a business website.


There’s nothing wrong with sharing your story with the world. You’re a small business, you should be proud of your progress story and your accomplishments because not every startup makes it! It’s the words you choose that determine how your story is perceived. Above all, your “About Us” page needs to answer these questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. By addressing each of the previous questions in your story page, you’ll be able to fully acquaint your website visitors with your business from start to present. So let’s talk a little bit about some wording styles when crafting your story page:



The Words and Content You Use Matter



1. Write like you’re talking to someone


When website visitors come and read your story page, they want to feel like you’re talking to them. You don’t want your content to be too stiff or rigid. Let your everyday conversational voice and tone shine through! Tell your customers what inspired you to start your company and explain how your business is uniquely positioned to solve their specific problem. Don’t forget to use contractions and layman’s terms as you’re crafting your page as well. It’s fine to use a mixture of both industry jargon and layman’s terms, just make sure there’s a balance between the two. To much industry jargon will make you sound pompous and far away from your reader. You want this “About Us” page to sound like a casual conversation, not a university lecture.


how to best write for an audience


Remember, visitors are reading this page to see if you’d be a good fit for them to do business with. You want to be as inviting and personable as possible!



2. Back up your statements


Nowadays, people want proof and evidence that you are who you say you are. And they should! Any business worth their salt should have a mixture of reviews, social media accounts, news releases, and blog articles that help establish their brand and success within their industry. If a customer can’t find any background info on your business, they’re going to run for the hills!


If you don’t want to post direct reviews on your “About Us” page, you can link to them and create an individual resource page where visitors can go for more information. Make it visible on your site where visitors can find your customer reviews/ testimonials, read your blog posts, and follow you on social media. The more information and background resources you provide to your prospective customers, the more they’ll begin to trust your brand as an authority.



Choose a Strategic Website Design


Once you have your about us/story content written and established, you need to have a design to complement it. Your design throughout your entire website needs to be the same across every page, the same fonts, the same colors, and the same spacing width. Your design, along with your brand logo, also helps to establish your business’ authority, personality, culture, and mission. Your brand logo is what your customers and prospects will see every time they have an interaction with you, and either consciously or unconsciously, it will start to make an impression on them. So, how do you tailor your design for your “About Us” page to illustrate what you want to communicate?


implementing a good website design



1. Incorporate mixed media


Your “About Us” page, like the rest of your web pages on your website, needs to be a mixture of content and mixed media. Too much text with not enough whitespace will just bore your readers. Too much mixed media with no supporting text won’t allow your webpage to be indexed by search engines. There needs to be a happy medium where your images, video clips, audio files ect. help illustrate and expand on the ideas of your text, while maintaining your readers’ interest. If you include mixed media and links to other pages, you need to prioritize easy navigation as well. Don’t let the searcher get lost in a sea of thick content and webpages!


For example, you can include images of your staff, a testimonial video from a long-term customer, or a mixture of text to completely, and interestingly, tell your small business story.


However you choose to lay out your “About Us” page, make it visually appealing as well as content rich.



In Conclusion


Your “About Us” page is there to help readers find a connection with your business, or at least some familiarity. There’s no debate needed, an “About Us” page is an essential part of any business’ website. Follow the tips above to learn how to write the best “About Us” page for your business website!