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Business related podcasts are a great way to stay connected with industry influencers and updated on current topics. The quantity and availability of podcasts seems to never end. There’s a podcast for every topic, industry, or affiliation you can imagine. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to sift through them and give you my top business podcasts.



Panning for Gold


Personally, I’m a big fan of podcasts and I listen to a variety of them on a regular basis. They’re perfect for long car trips or Saturday’s spent cleaning. But, I never considered listening to “business podcasts” for work until now.


So, I’ve gone out, done my research, and compiled a list of business related podcasts which cover every topic you’ll need as an entrepreneur, salesperson, or marketer. I’ve tried to curate the most concise and comprehensive list of business related podcasts that cover every topic you need to master to be successful.


I can tell you, I have personally listened to several episodes of each of these podcasts. Each podcast covers a specific topic or idea related to the business/ marketing world, which is important for everyone to know and understand regardless industry or position.


I’m going to break down each one based on topic, length, where to listen, tone etc.



8 Podcasts Every Business Person Needs


Business Tips and Advice


business tips


1. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman (available on apple podcasts, personal website, and others): Reid Hoffman is a LinkedIn Co-Founder, so this guy knows what he’s doing. This podcast is a collection of interesting business stories and interviews with those business founders on how they rose to great success. The episodes average 30-40 mins.  


2. The Tim Ferriss Show (available on apple podcasts, personal website, and others, ): Apart from being a podcast host, Ferriss is also the author a best selling author of books like The 4-Hour Workweek. This podcast tells interesting stories through interviews with people about the tools and tactics they use to overcome common problems in business. The episodes average 1-2 hrs, so it’s perfect for 5pm rush hour traffic!



Leadership and Entrepreneurship




3. Jocko Podcast (available on apple podcasts, personal website, and others ): He’s a retired Navy SEAL officer, so he uses military stories to illustrate his themes and points. This podcast discusses leadership and discipline in a more intense tone. Who better to give leadership advice, right? The episodes average 1-3hrs.







4. Marketing Over Coffee (apple podcasts, personal website, and others): Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn each with impressive marketing and business resumes. They discuss hot topics in the tech and marketing world with a laid back feel. It almost feels like you’re ease-dropping on a conversation in a coffee shop. Start your day with educational, easy conversation to prep you for your business day. The episodes average 20 mins.


5. Marketing School with Niel Patel and Eric Siu (apple podcasts, personal website, and others):  Both of your hosts are CEOs and marketing giants in the business world.  Their episodes give “how tos” on a broad scope of marketing and sales topics. This podcast is short, sweet and to the point. The episodes average 5-10 min.


6. This Old Marketing (apple podcasts, personal website, and others): Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose host this podcast as part of the Content Marketing Institute. This podcast is easy to listen to and is my favorite in this list (maybe im bias because it’s about content marketing which is my job). The episodes revolve around the latest content marketing topics in the news. Although the podcast officially ended at the start of 2018, all episodes are still available to listen to. The episodes average 1hr.






7. Sales Babble (apple podcasts, personal website, and others):  Your host is Pat Helmers. Former salesman, current consultant, and founder of the “Selling with Confidence” (SWC) sales system. Helmers provides sales tips and strategies for the dedicated salesperson to grow through unique interviews. This podcast gives actionable advice for those working in the sales and marketing realms. The episodes average 30 mins.


Social Media


social media


8. The Science of Social Media (apple podcasts, buffer, and others): This podcast discusses everything to do with social media for every business, in every industry. The episodes are tailored around strategies from successful companies, steps, tips, interviews with professionals etc. The episodes average 25 mins.



In Conclusion


Together, these podcasts cover every area one needs to be knowledgeable in to succeed in the marketing and sales world today. The key to being successful is knowing where to go to get the resources you need. I hope these podcasts will help you as much as they do me.


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