Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That age-old advice still rings true today. I know I heard it at one point from MY dad.


Advice tidbits like that are easy to glaze over, but they actually hold a lot of weight. Apply that saying to your marketing strategies, and it suddenly has practical value. Don’t be over eager to invest in solely one marketing strategy, channel, or method. If one of your main systems fail, you need to have other outlets you can turn to to stay afloat, that’s why you you need to use multi channel marketing. 



The Benefits of Diversifying


It’s tempting, as a small business, to stick with what works and put all your effort into that thing, whatever it is. But what happens when that technology, system, or method breaks down or becomes less effective than it once was. That is the invariable future for everything, so it’s only a matter of when, not if. It’s better to adopt a diverse marketing campaign now, rather than feeling the negative consequences of not doing so later down the road. 


Technology and business is always changing and you don’t want to become a relic of the past when a system breaks down and you’re not prepared. If you have a marketing company helping you, ask them about diversifying. 


A multi marketing channel campaign helps your small business in 4 major ways that a singular marketing channel cannot:


  1. Grow your small business
  2. Increased audience reach
  3. Heightened brand awareness
  4. More follower interactions



Grow Your Small Business


Having and using a variety of multi marketing channels let’s searchers and potential customers see your small business as a successful and growing fixture in the market. But, using these multiple marketing avenues also helps your business grow by putting you into contact with new leads, increasing your small business exposure, and staying up to date with the latest industry developments and trends.


You want to advertise your business in as many different locations as possible (that make sense). Go where your target audience is, or advertise in environments where you want to gain visibility. That may differ depending on your market and industry, so do some research. Opportunities may include guest blogging, various social media, community events etc.



Increased Audience Reach


You want to reach as many people in your target audience as possible, so don’t limit yourself to only one connection platform or method. Don’t just have a Facebook account. Create a Linkedin profile and a YouTube channel as well. Influencers, business leaders, and potential clients are on a variety of social media platforms, and you should be too. The more social platforms you’re active on, the more opportunity you have to connect with new leads.


social media revenue


Not everyone you’re trying to target may be on the same social network or respond to the same marketing tactics, so you need to meet them where they are. This means email marketing, social media profiles, paid ads, blog posts, YouTube videos, conferences etc. 



Heightened Brand Awareness


Once you start using multiple marketing channels regularly, your followers and target audience will start seeing your small business name everywhere. The more outlets you have to put your name and message out, the more people it will reach. Do some research to learn when your target audience is most active and use that to your advantage to push your message out and increase your brand awareness.


If your continuously investing in a variety of different marketing strategies, your viewers will be able to come into contact with your content easier and find a method they most prefer to engage with. Again, it’s all about meeting the potential customer where they exist and are most comfortable. That’s the biggest benefit of using multi marketing channels! 



Follower Interactions


If you follow all the above advice, you’re bound to receive comments, messages, replies, and maybe even some emails. Social media makes it easy for both the potential customer and the small business to interact and keep in touch easily with direct messages or group messages.


Effective CTAs (Call-To-Action) on your website and enticing ads also work well to peak a searcher’s interest to learn more about your business and products. For many people, it’s easier to communicate online rather than to set up an in-person meeting, especially in the early stages of a potential sale.


landing page conversions


Personalized email, social media, and video chat are all great ways to keep that personal feel until you can meet face to face. And being “active” on a channel doesn’t mean scheduling a post once a week, which is often the same as just adding your noise to the Internet. It means having conversations with your followers and asking them about their business or use of your product.



Multi-Channel Marketing is the Newest Trend


Multi-channel marketing helps to keep your small business competitive by conforming to the most recent search trends. Research has shown that more and more internet searches are done through mobile rather than a desktop.


If you have a presence on several social media platforms, appear in searches on different search engines, and make sure your website is optimized for mobile search, your posts and results have a higher chance of being seen and ranked higher. Even if the majority of your current customers and target audience uses desktop to search through your website, you should still optimize for mobile because that’s the primary method for younger generations to use.


You always want to expand your target audience and make sure you have access to a steady stream of potential new clients that can sustain your small business in the future. Your target demographic will change over the course of time and you don’t want to fall behind when it does.


The next update you want to keep in mind for your marketing campaigns is Google Chrome’s ad blocker.


It launched back in February and it’s aimed at blocking annoying ads, encouraging websites to not post them, and silencing automatically sound playing ads as well. Web searchers have developed “banner blindness” where they automatically glaze over anything that resembles an ad and Google’s new initiative will only increase those habits. Though, not all ads banned if they meet the standards in the Coalition for Better Ads. Google wants to provide the best experience and results to searchers, so bothersome ads will start to become penalized.



In Conclusion


If you rely solely on one form marketing, you’re playing a dangerous game. If that system become less effective or your account is penalized for some reason, your business could start to fail. Don’t take that risk and instead invest in several different marketing methods to ensure your small business will always have a steady stream of revenue and leads to continue to grow.