trends in digital marketing 2019


Digital marketing techniques can be effective and will bring high returns when implemented effectively. Over the years, digital marketing has evolved and become increasingly important in order to reach your audience online.


Businesses utilizing current digital marketing practices strategically can attest to its benefits. But sometimes it feels like you’re always playing catch up on what’s “best”. 


With the ever-evolving landscape of available tools and techniques, business people are required to keep up with the current trends on an almost daily basis. Implementing an effective, digital marketing strategy for your small business requires that you study trending opportunities in order to stay relevant. Check out these digital marketing trends in 2019 that you can carry into 2020 going forward. 



1. Comprehensive Content


Creating a piece of content that fully answers a searchers question can pay off greatly.  It can increase brand exposure, generate a buzz for your small business, and help keep your result ranking high on the SERP (search engine results page). Digital marketing trends in 2019 revolve around the searcher’s intent, so it’s essential your content is thorough.


It isn’t an easy thing to do and may take more time than you’re used to dedicated to content creation, but it will pay off.


Your content creators should be experts in developing unique, captivating, and relevant content based on who your target audience is. The aim is to ensure that the content will be impactful and beneficial to your ideal audience and prospects. If you’re able to produce comprehensive content that fully addresses a searcher’s needs, they’ll be more likely to revisit your site and read more of your content. Over time, this sort of traffic can have a positive ranking factor for your whole domain!


Here are some ideas to think about in order to produce comprehensive content that ranks well:


1. Your content fully answers the searchers question(s)


2. Your content goes beyond to address and discuss topics closely related to your main topic


3. You provide helpful videos, pictures, infographics, or other forms of media to make your content easily understandable


4. You make your content easy to share on social media by including social share buttons



2. Voice Search


Voice search is already extremely popular in 2019 (and will continue to grow into 2020) with systems like Alexa and Siri. 


Voice search tech is becoming more popular by the year. Just check out these stats:


When asked how people engage with voice search, 72% use a “personal assistant” like Siri or Alexa


In 2019, 45% of people reported owning a smart speaker device


68% of people who use voice search technology use it to look up a quick fact


34.9% of consumers have used and enjoyed using voice technology to make a purchase


Voice search technology is keeping with the trend of understanding and delivering results based on user intent, rather than scripted searches. Digital marketing in 2019 and 2020 is all about delivering what the searcher wants quickly and effectively. With the cognitive type conversations users can have with voice search tech, users can find what they actually want fast! 


If you want to show up in a search result for a voice search, you need to make sure your website is fully updated and your web content is optimized for the long tail keywords phrase structures that are most often used in voice searches. People perform voice searchers differently than regular online searches. For example, a typical Google search might look something like “brad pitt movies”. However, a voice search would sound something like, “what movies is brad pitt in?”.


See the difference? Voice searches mimic the way people actually speak. This means language styles like slang, dialect, and sentence formation all play a big role in SEO (search engine optimization) for voice search. Voice search SEO is all about long-tail, specific keyword phrases. 


As voice search technology becomes more advanced and becomes more popular, you’ll need to re-think your SEO keyword strategy if you want to rank.



3. Mobile Search


The shift to smartphones for online searches has created a new platform for more customer influence and interaction. As digital marketing trends continue to develop in 2019 and into 2020, we’ll see an even bigger push to optimize for mobile because of it’s popularity as a search device. 


The predominance of mobile searches is also one of the reasons why search engines have continued to drive home the importance of mobile site speed. If your website doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices, you’re most likely losing out on a lot of potential customers!


In fact, according to a Google/SOASTA report, a 1 second delay in mobile load time can impact conversion rates by 20%. Additionally, a Google/ Purchased report found that if users have a negative mobile experience, they’re 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future.


Make sure you run regular tests to check your page load time, check to see how your website and web pages appear on different sized mobile screens, invest in quick loading AMP pages, cut down on any unnecessary code in the backend of your website, and make sure your media files are well-sized and saved in a format that doesn’t take too much load time.



4. Images and Videos


Digital marketing techniques in 2019 will continue to move toward visualization. Whether that is an infographic, a video, or an original compelling image, people enjoy looking at something that captures their interest.


For many people, it’s much easier to look at a simple image or watch a quick video than to read an article and digest written content.


popularity of images and videos


Well placed, relevant visuals will capture your audience’s attention faster, and increase memorability at the same time. As a marketer, you need to identify new elements of enhancing visualization in your marketing plans.


The goal is to relay a clear and visually-rich message to the audience.


Engaging images and videos also have an increased likelihood to be shared by your target audience on social media platforms, thereby increasing your content’s reach online.



5. Automation


In the years to come, learning machines and big data will be combined with AI in an effort to save time and increase efficiency. Through automation tools, you have the potential to meet your customers with tailored messages and support that specifically meet their needs with optimal timing.


With automation, a small business will be able to process targeted content designed for their ideal customers and target audiences. Small business will need to develop comprehensive buyer personas and, what we at Cazbah call a Customer Composite Index (CCI) to truly understand who your ideal prospects are.


Despite this challenge, the investment is worth it because automation allows small businesses to remain competitive online and put their content in the direct path of their audience.



6. Chat Tools


Convenient communication is a 2019 digital marketing trend that has come onto the scene in a big way. Great businesses value real time communication with their prospects and customers. Recently, chat tools have emerged as another platform for effective communication. A direct communication channel with existing customers or with a prospect who is considering doing business with a company, is a fast method to engage at a critical stage in the buying process.


using chat bot tools


Chat tools are also an effective means of receiving feedback from customers, dealing with a time sensitive issue, or simply providing dedicated customer service.


It’s easy to miss messages on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn if nobody’s paying attention. Customers and website visitors expect that you’ll be able to provide the information they’re looking for quickly. Making yourself available to communicate and deal with any issue that arises with website visitors will go a long way in creating a positive reputation for your small business



In Conclusion


Digital marketing will always be a dynamic and evolving field. The tools and techniques do change from year to year, and keeping informed can be challenging. However, the fundamentals of marketing remain consistent though. Reaching your customers at the right place, engaging them, and building a lasting relationship will help you to be successful.


Don’t wait to see what methods are trending, rather experiment, plan ahead, and find out what works for you. Listen to your customers and find out how to meet their needs, and measure your results.



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