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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing can be effective and may bring high returns when implemented effectively. Over the years digital marketing has evolved and has become increasingly important in order to reach your audience online.


Businesses utilizing digital marketing strategically can attest to its benefits. It offers some significant advantages over traditional marketing methods, including increased accuracy in measuring results, while helping to streamline cost allocation to maximize return on high performing channels.


With the ever-evolving landscape of available tools, business people are required to keep up with the current trends. Implementing an effective strategy requires that you study trending opportunities in order to stay relevant. Here are some trends to anticipate in 2018.



Viral content


Creating a piece of content that goes viral (for the right reasons) can pay off greatly. It can increase brand exposure, generate a buzz for your product and more. A Large audience will often translate to increased revenue.


It isn’t an easy thing to do, and may take some experimentation. But don’t forget to set up your analytics infrastructure in a way so that when something you create does go viral, you can effectively measure the outcome to plan for repeat opportunities. Large or small business can invest in professional content development.


The content developers should be experts in developing unique, captivating and relevant content based on your target audience. The aim is to ensure that the content will remain memorable to the audiences. As a result, they will revisit the site to read more. It can also provide a longer term role in improving your ranking on search engines for your domain as a whole.


Here are 10 things to think about if you want your content to go viral. The 10 characteristics of viral content include:


  1. Evokes high arousal (usually meaning the content is surprising)
  2. Engages positive emotions
  3. Creates connection/empathy between content and content consumer
  4. Has a newsworthy hook
  5. Is easily understood
  6. Is a quickly consumed media format
  7. Is simple to share
  8. Generates value or works toward a goal when shared
  9. Doesn’t reflect negatively on sharer
  10. Appeals to broad/universal interests or topic areas (food, pets, common life events, celebrities, etc.)



Enhanced Native Ad Visibility


Audiences are expressing frustration when out of context advertisements pop-up out of nowhere. They are an interruption without adding any value. Make sure that you protect your site from these annoying ads.


Digital Marketing



They may be agitating your visitors and discouraging them from coming back in future. Native advertising is a more natural alternative, and it has been around for a long time while still being relevant and effective. A good native ad can be subtly placed, or be overtly tongue-in-cheek.


The goal is to to fit the native ad in seamlessly with the environment while not being lost on the audience. Strategic placement with the correct audience will produce positive results.



Utilizing micro-moments


Micro-moments are a great opportunity for digital marketing professionals. They are no longer just brief moments of browsing via mobile phones. The shift to smartphones creates a suitable platform for more customer influence and interaction.


Capturing a potential customer at the exact moment when a buying decision is in progress is a worthwhile challenge to tackle. A person could be searching for a house to buy or just trying to locate a nearby restaurant. Make sure you are placed in appropriate directories with accurate information so that when somebody is ready to buy, they know they can reach you, and do it quickly the first time.


This is also one of the reasons search engines have continued to drive home the importance of mobile site speed. Marketing for micro-moments goes far beyond simply having a website.





In the future,digital marketing will increase visualization. Whether that is an infographic, a video or a compelling image, people enjoy watching something that captures their interest. Well placed, relevant visuals will capture the audience’s attention faster, and increase memorability. As a marketer, you need to identify new elements of enhancing visualization.


The goal is to relay a clear and visually-rich message to the audience. When a post or message is attractive to the audiences, they will be more likely to “like” and will ideally decide to share the content.


Engaging video features have managed to reach diverse audiences via Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.


There is an interesting case study Google produced recently which talked about how the team at Beats by Dre managed to see a huge return by finding a timely alternative to costly super bowl ads to capture the increasing trend of streaming video.



Artificial intelligence


In the year to come, learning machines and big data will be combined with artificial intelligence. Through AI, you have the potential to meet your customers with a tailored message that match their profile, with optimal timing.


Expect content that is highly customized and automated. The two will be achieved by considering lifestyle and persona. You have to be ready financially because it can be costly. It also requires special skills or toolsets, especially when there is high demand.


Despite this challenge, the investment may be worth it even for a small business. Marketers already utilizing AI have testified about its effectiveness. High performers in digital marketing are using AI and those not using it are likely to begin at some level. It is estimated that high performer are twice as likely to use AI than under performers.





Businesses value real time communication with their customers. Chat tools have emerged as another platform for effective communication. A direct communication channel with customers is a fast method to engage at a critical stage in a buying process.


Receiving feedback from customers enables a business to respond quickly when a customer has a direct question, and being the one to answer the question can make the difference between capturing the sale or giving it to a competitor.


Chat utilities are playing an increasing role in enhancing rapid communication, and even Google My Business has introduced a messaging function within the Google Knowledge graph to allow businesses to respond instantly.


Don’t forget that there are other ways customers will contact you. It is easy to miss messages on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn if nobody is paying attention. Customers are beginning to expect that they can find quick answers at any turn in today’s current market.


Just make sure to implement any chat solutions in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy, or that gets in the way of the user experience.



Live streaming


Another form of visual content can be found via live streaming methods and many users are even more engaged by live recording. Streaming live is more realistic and relatable to the audience. Social media sites such as Facebook began live streaming options with a positive response.


This has proven to be another effective form of engagement for digital marketers. Think of the many ways you could use live streaming technology as a small business to reach your audience in a very personal way.


I have personally seen clients I work with use it to present new products, talk about what is going on in their location at the moment and simply engage their audience on day to day activities. As with many marketing channels, your mileage may vary.


Experiment with the tactics and message to find out what people respond to most positively, and change things up occasionally to avoid being lost in the noise.





Marketing will always be a dynamic and evolving spectrum. The tools and techniques do change from year to year, and keeping informed can be challenging. The fundamentals of marketing really do remain consistent though. Reaching your customers at the right place, engaging them and building a lasting relationship will help you to be successful.


Don’t wait to see the trending methods, rather experiment, take risks and find out what works for you. Listen to your customers and find out how to meet their needs, and measure your results. Then make adjustments and improve to continue growing and meeting your objectives.



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