best ways to attract new customers

In today’s environment of modern business, it can be easy to push aside “old school” habits and marketing tactics. So many of us are caught up with new technologies and ways of conducting business that we forget there’s even another way. But, the best way to attract new customers to your small business is to prioritize personal communication methods with them. 

While technological advancement and development has definitely changed certain aspects of business relationships for the better, sometimes you just can’t beat good, ‘ol fashioned marketing styles to help you attract customers to your small business. 

Some Negatives of Modern Marketing Styles

With the rise, popularity, and development of technology also comes the rise of more impersonal communication. Faceless conversations through email, prospect connection through LinkedIn, and social media commenting have quickly become the norm.

Now, I’m not anti-technology and I’m not saying it’s all bad either, but the rise of this kind of technology has definitely impacted the way individuals communicate with one another, in a business manner or not.

Online communication removes some vital elements of face to face conversation like voice inflections, tone changes, body movement, hand gestures and so on. While we do have text slang and emojis to help emphasize our statements online or on our phones, it can still be difficult to fully ascertain just what is being said and how it should be understood.

Businesses and marketers run the risk of being perceived as “cold” or “ridgid” when using less personal communication methods, and will often times spends lots of resources trying to make themselves seem more personal in an effort to better connect. Additionally, a primary focus on less personal communication methods with prospects and customers (such as email marketing and social media messaging) could lead to fewer sales closed and less loyal, long-term customers.

If you’re going to be a successful small business that stands out among your competitors and other big businesses, you need to balance your marketing and communication methods between new and older styles.

3 Best Marketing Strategy Ideas to Attract (and Retain) New Customers 

We’ve all heard the saying, “An oldie, but a goodie”. This rings true especially with business marketing techniques aimed at the best way to attract new customers. In your quest to be a modern and relevant small business online, don’t completely disregard the old ways of business connection and communication.

how to attract and retain loyal customers for your small business

1. Personalized Interactions and Communications

Before we had the social media, before mobile phones, before email we…what for it…talked to each other face to face and signed our names in pen at the bottom of a letter!

This simple marketing tactic is the best way to attract new customers to your small business! Your customers will value personal interactions because they’ll be able to see you definitely care about them. When you make your prospects and customers feel like priorities, they’ll be more likely to stay loyal long-term. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers to your retail, service, manufacturing, or dealer/ distributor small business, personalized communication needs to be the priority. 

Sadly, people aren’t used to receiving such personalized communications from businesses anymore. By handwriting a short holiday business card, showing up in person for an on-site meeting, or taking the initiative to call them directly if they have a concern can turn your customer’s whole day around!

The main point here is, you need to listen! Take a wide view of your customers’ experience with your company and use that information to craft the best possible relationship with them that you can. Conduct surveys, have regular meetings, discuss some topics other than business. Going a little out of your way for your customers will go a long way!

2. Host/ Attend Industry Events

Continually develop new experiences and ideas to attract customers to your business! And then, show up and let your customers and prospects know you exist and are actively engaged!  All to often customers and businesses have limited in-person interactions.

Make it a priority for yourself or other representatives of your small business to attend networking opportunities and special events, you or others in your industry hold. You want your customers and target audience to be able to put a face with the name of your business. If a prospect or customer can actually spend a few minutes talking to you face to face, they’ll be able to get a better and truer feeling of how they’ll interact with your business as a whole.

Additionally, taking the initiative to attend, or better yet host, relevant industry events will continually demonstrate your commitment to your market niche. It shows your co-workers, employees, competitors, prospects, and customers that you’re here to stay and you’re dedicating to growing your personal industry knowledge and small business.

Here are some of the best ideas to attract customers to your small business:

  • Offer a special shopping experience for loyal customers (have discounted prices, coupons, a customer referral program, free shipping ect)
  • If you’re a specialty retailer of certain products or even a service company, you can host a variety of classes from beginner to advanced on how to assemble and use the products you sell
  • Make yourself available to your customers. Provide your phone number, email address, and social media accounts where customers can ask your team questions, make comments, or pose suggestions


3. Get Involved with Your Community

Locals love to see businesses that give back to and support their local area. One of the best ways to attract new customers is to show them that you care about your current ones as well. Make it clear that you listen and pay attention to what your customers want and are passionate about. If you invest in your customer base, they will invest in you! Participating in community events is also a great opportunity for you to promote your brand awareness. Participating in local events puts you directly in the path of your closest potential customers. You can start to build up your local business reputation and then grow it from there.

Sponsor a community little league team, buy some girl scout cookies, or sign up a few people for a 5K. You’ll find that these events will also bind your employees together as well, and can act as incentives for employees to stay dedicated to your business. Increasing your brand and business exposure in your local area will start to create an expectation in your community and an increasingly positive association for your business.

In Conclusion

Modern business marketing techniques are all well and good, but don’t primarily rely on them. The best way to attract customers isn’t through fancy tech or nice offices, it’s through dedicated and personal customer communication. Make your prospects, customers, and employees feel prioritized and involved!