Twitter is an increasingly popular platform that businesses are taking advantage of. In fact, 82% of B2B content marketers used Twitter for organic content marketing in the last 12 months, according to Hootsuite. If you already have a twitter account created for your small business, congratulations! While having and posting to your account is definitely an important part of social media marketing, where many small businesses fall short is maintaining and gaining more Twitter followers.


If you want to increase your traffic and sales revenue rates that you can attribute to your Twitter efforts, you need to create your Twitter account to attract your ideal audience.


Check out these Twitter profile tips to increase your follower count!


1. Tweet Consistently


If you expect your follower count to grow, you need to make your account worth their time to interact with.


No one will want to follow an account that’s inactive. Twitter users want updated, new, and continuous content to interact with! That means, you need to create a regular posting schedule your current and new followers can count on. If you want to increase your Twitter followers and engagement levels, you need to be posting at least one to five times per day. Remember the more content you have out there, the more likely it is to be found!


2. Engage With Your Audience


Communication on Twitter is a two-way street! If you want to gain more Twitter followers and get likes, shares, and comments, you need to interact with your audience. This lets your audience know that you’re human and are actually paying attention to what’s happening on your page. If someone took the time to share an article you posted on Twitter, the least you could do is say thank you!


Interaction doesn’t stop at your own Twitter profile though, you should also be sharing, liking, and commenting on your followers’ posts, industry pages your follow, and on future connections’ posts you want to make. Because if you want people to interact with your posts on social media, you also need to interact with there’s.


If you’re a small business retail company, you could also search out and connect with influencers to help promote your products on social media. This will help extend your social media reach and place your product in front of potential customers you have not yet connected with.


3. Pay Attention to Your Hashtags


Hashtags make your post searchable on Twitter by whatever keyword phrase you used in your hashtag. Essentially, hashtags are a form of SEO on social media. Once your try out a few different hashtags, start tracking valuable information on that hashtag like it’s popularity on Twitter and how many people engaged with your post when you used a certain hashtag. Tracking this data will help you see which hashtags are most beneficial for your small business and which will generate the most traffic for your Twitter posts.


4. Use Images and Videos


Social media was made for sharing visual content! Tweets with images or videos are engaged with more because visuals hold the attention of the viewer longer and they break up the viewer’s social media scroll.


Including visuals like photos, stock images, new product images, infographics, gifs, and videos are all great ways to try and connect with your audience and get them to pay more attention to your post. Based on the type of image or video you use in your post, you’ll also be able to better communicate your message, build your small business brand, and establish a connection with your followers.


5. Optimize Your Twitter Profile


Make sure you fill out your Twitter profile completely. Your profile is all your audience has to go on when they’re deciding to follow you or not, so you want to include as much relevant information as possible. If you’ve created a Twitter profile for your small business, make sure to include your company name and logo in the profile image section and a related image in the cover image section as well. In the profile section, there are also spaces were you can link to your website, add your geographical location, and a brief about section where you can include your most important hashtags as well.


In Conclusion


Using Twitter is a great way to connect with your customers, but if you want your reach and business success to grow, you need to continually gain more Twitter followers. If you want to gain more followers on Twitter, you need to have a profile and create posts that are engaging and easily found by your audience. Put the effort in now and watch your follower count go up!