Blog Traffic

Taking the time to focus on boosting blog traffic is a crucial aspect of running any successful small business. Blog traffic is a luxury worth having, but finding visitors can seem like a tricky challenge.

Experts constantly claim they know the “secret solution” to spark traffic, but the strategies that work in boosting website traffic are simple and reliable. Here are ten ways you can boost traffic to your blog.

1. Produce Quality Content

Content is the undisputed ruler to generate blog traffic, and no advanced Internet Marketing strategy can conquer a lack of consistency towards releasing authentic articles, podcasts, and videos. This means that if you don’t have a content marketing plan or a publication schedule that you’re fulfilling, your blog is doomed to be invisible.

While your blog may not need to have a comprehensive plan in order to boost traffic, it’s important to have a plan in place that’s executed week after week. Without material to share and market with, your blog will sink beneath a vast ocean of new content and generate little if any traffic.

2. Work Smarter – Not Harder

Working smart seems to be the most common cliché about success in business, but it’s absolutely true. You could spend all day and night writing articles without seeing a significant boost in traffic if you don’t focus on what matters most. It’s important to focus on placing the right material in the right places so you can make the most of every word that you write

The next eight ways to boost your traffic should be utilized in every piece that you produce so that you can make the most of your hard work.

3. Get Social

If you’re looking to boost your blog traffic, it’s important to learn how to spark a reaction across social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Learning how people react to specific styles of content will help make your content catch the eye of new readers and keep old visitors coming back to your website.

This clearly necessitates two points:

1) continuously improving the quality of your content

2) increasing the frequency with which you post

4. Format Content for SEO

While you may not want to get involved with the complicated world of search engine optimization, understanding how a search engine ranks websites will give you an unprecedented advantage if you focus on what engages readers.

Simply doing a search on the topics across your industry will give you an excellent starting point for understanding what style of content connect with.

Learning SEO may help generate some unexpected traffic over time, but that isn’t the main reason you should focus on SEO. Ensuring that your blog is technically compliant and fun to read will give you an advantage if you’re hoping to boost traffic.

If you’ve ever encountered technical turn-offs, you know what it’s like to have a fun or important experience, impaired by glitches. This is why being SEO friendly will give your blog a chance to showcase the product or service rather than annoying the reader.

5. Guest Post

If you’re hoping to find a content marketing strategy that doesn’t require a ton of work, getting featured on famous websites in your industry is the perfect way to spark a flood of traffic into your blog.

Guest posting is a process where you simply post a piece of content that’s showcased on a website. The trade-off is that the website you post on gets free content, and you get to create exposure for you blog.

The blog you are guest-posting on wins, they get to use your content. You win because a flood of relevant visitors comes to your blog. And, your blog visitors win because they get more of your excellent content, and they get to know you so, you can solve their problems.

6. Build an Email List

Getting a new blog visitor is exciting but, if you don’t capture that visitor’s attention immediately, he or she may never come back. Having an email list and an opt-in strategy will give you the ability capture visitors so you can better connect and sell to your potential customers.

7. Release Content Daily

Practice makes perfect, and blogging is no exception. According to HubSpot, the frequency in which you release content directly reflects the amount of traffic you’ll generate from your blog. In fact, statistics in the research state that blogs that release sixteen or more posts a month spark over four times more traffic than blogs that write four posts or less.

This means that if you’d like to get traffic, you need to post good content as quickly and as often as possible.

8. Don’t be A Flashy Expert

When it comes to boosting traffic, the most important aspect is capturing visitors’ attention and keeping it. That means that you can’t focus your content production on preaching, but you can casually place yourself as an authority in the industry.

Focus on staying relevant, informing, keeping up with news, citing academic research, and creating fun but useful content.You don’t have to be the best expert to boost traffic while you’re blogging, but you do have to be likable.

9. Get Real And Have Fun

Machines don’t generate exceptional content, authentic people do! That’s why it’s important to separate yourself from the businesses that treat traffic like another number. Every piece of content that you produce has to be real. It should speak about important topics that the visitors care deeply about. It’s true that people create good content, and you can hire good people to help you with your content development, without spending a fortune.

It’s easy to forget about the good life while you’re blogging to boost traffic. However, sitting back and enjoying what you write is the perfect way to cure yourself from the competition. Make every piece of content you produce on your blog real and have fun with it.

10. Focus on Quality

It may seem counter intuitive to focus on quality if you’re forced to deliver on an aggressive publication schedule. However, it’s important to remember that every post you produce will live on your blog forever! With that in mind, new traffic will have a tendency to check out content that’s ages old. If the visitors don’t like the next four or five articles they explore, you’ve likely lost them forever.

Take that into consideration as you look back on your older posts. Nobody said you can’t go back and update or improve some of those older posts. As a matter of fact, you should. Continuously look at what posts visitors to your blog are looking at (via Google Analytics) and think about how you can improve them or, write a follow-on post that expands on whatever it was you were saying in the original post.


Content production is an excellent strategy to spark traffic to your blog, so you can generate more exposure for your business. Boost traffic to your blog by producing high-quality content that’s entertaining as often as you can. Develop a network and share your work with as many people as you can, and the traffic will naturally come.