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Our Business Survey allows us to get a better understanding of your business and how Cazbah will be able to help you best when we create your Internet Marketing strategy.  You are welcome to fill out our survey before or after you purchase your Cazbah Plan.


General Business Info

Your Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Does your company have a tagline?
Company Name
Your Website(s) *please list all domains
What is the single most important function of your website?
What products do you offer?
What services do you offer?

Your Customers

Who is your target audience?
Describe your most ideal customer.
What value do you offer customers?
What keeps your customers coming back?
What vertical markets do you serve?


Who are your competitors? List with links to their websites.
What makes you unique or different from your competitors?


Are you currently selling any products online?
If No, Do you plan on selling products online?
If yes, please describe.


Which method(s) do you use to market your company?
Direct MailDirect SalesEmail MarketingGoogle AdWordsRadioTelesalesTrade AdsTrade ShowsT.V.PromotionsReferrals

Your Brand

Do you have an existing brand guideline document or any branded print collateral?
If YES - Attach the file(s) in email and send it to
Would you like your website's look to be a reflection of your print collateral?
If YES, to what level of adherence (1-5)
Please attach in email any vector-based version of your logo, logo with tagline, etc. and send it to

Website Design & Aesthetics

At first glance, what impression would you like your website to give about your company?
What are some websites that appeal to you? Why?
What are some websites that you dislike/unappealing website features? Why?
In general, my website design preferences are
I prefer the less is more approach to websitesI tend to like lots of bells and whistles (this could mean a slower load time)I like a little bit of wiz-bang as long as it's lightweight and still very intuitive
In general, my color preferences are
Same as current websiteSimilar to current website with a few differencesFully varied from existing website
In general, I'd like my website to be
clean, lightweight, professional (industrial, technology, corporate, government, educational)edgy/dramatic (entertainment, fashion, artistic)somewhere in between
Additional details and/or important points of consideration regarding design: