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If you’re investing in paid search advertising or PPC, then you are probably familiar with Google Ads “Quality Score” metric. Google assigns each keyword a Quality Score to indicate how well your website matches the queries and keyword phrases you’re trying to rank for. 


I have seen clients struggle with high ad costs and lower positioning due to a low quality score in Ads.


If you are suffering from poor quality scores in Google Ads, here are some steps you can take to improve your quality score in Google Ads and get your ad campaigns back on track!


What is a Quality Score in Google Ads


Google Ads isn’t just about creating a good looking ad with the right keyword or keyword phrase. Google uses three components to determine your Quality Score: Ad relevance, Expected Click Through Rate (CTR) and Landing Page Experience. All these components are important if you want to achieve and then maintain a high Quality Score. However, a study by AdAlysis found that Landing Page Experience and Expected Click Through Rate were the top factors in determining a good Quality Score.  


You need to do everything in your power to earn a high Quality Score from Google, because if you don’t your ad will get buried underneath everyone else’s. Having a high Quality Score in Google Ads guarantees your ad will at least be seen, if not clicked on. In this case, it’s not just about how much you bid on a keyword for, Google’s also prioritizing user experience.  



Essentially, this should be your goal: Maintain a high Quality Score, pay less money for your keyword phrase or term, rank higher, and receive a higher CTR. But we all know, that’s easier said than done. However, there are some proven, tried and true methods you can use to help boost your Quality Score in Google Ads.

Check ‘em out below!


How to Increase Your Quality Score in Google Ads


Alright, so we now know that Quality Score is heavily dependent on the end user experience. You need to focus on integrating that into your ads from the get-go.


1. Use Specific Keywords 


I’m talking about relevancy here. Create an expectation in the searcher’s mind and then deliver! You want the content of your ad to make it stand out among the rest, so you want to choose long tail, relevant keywords and original text. Make sure you use specific keywords in your ad that matches the text on your corresponding landing page.


The best way to get a high CTR for your ad is to be clear and upfront with what your offering is and then to make the landing page process extremely simple from there. Don’t try to stuff your ad or landing page with tons of generic keywords. Your searchers are looking for the keyword they typed in. 


When creating your ad, be sure that your final landing page is directly relevant to your keywords AND text ads. Does your landing page contain more useful information that matches exactly what you’re advertising? Is it clear how the searcher can purchase your product quickly and easily? 


2. Promote Transparency and Trust 


Google wants to provide the best experience to their users, so it makes sense that they would only want to show trustworthy websites. Provide “trust signals” such as your contact information, links to you social media profiles, physical address, your logo, examples of your expertise and experience, and so on. 


Also, if you are collecting any sensitive information from users, be sure your website is a secure https domain and you’ve posted a privacy statement on your website. Google’s advertising policy states that all sites must disclose to users how they intend to use the data collected. For more in-depth information on Google’s advertising policies click here.


Make it easy for customers to navigate your website and various web pages! Implement a site architecture that allows you to create detailed pages that flow logically. Help users find important pages quickly and easily, especially while using mobile devices. 


Mobile device internet use is continuing to grow in popularity, so you need to make sure your web pages are optimized for mobile search. The best way to do this is to optimize your navigation and page layout. Make sure to test out how fast your page images, graphics, and videos load, minimize any unnecessary CSS code, and don’t overcrowd your page with too much information. Remember, you want to go for clear, concise, and efficient. 


If you optimize and design your website well, visitors will want to spend time there!


3. Just Keep It Simple


Searchers don’t want to scroll through a never-ending page of content or try to decipher what a cryptic ad is really saying. Say what you have to say and be done with it. Your Google Ads  (and it’s corresponding landing page) need to be simple and clear. This is not the time for fancy adjectives and long running sentences.


The more unnecessary information you include in your landing page, or the more generic you are with your Google Ads, the more potential customers you’ll end up losing. 


Help searchers (and your small business) by providing a user friendly search experience!


How to Check Your Quality Score and Landing Page Experience


If you’re curious to discover what your Quality Score is for your existing ads, It’s easy! 


Follow these simple steps below:


1. Click the Campaigns tab at the top and select the Keywords tab


2. Click the Columns drop-down menu in the toolbar above the statistics table


3. Select Modify Columns and then Quality Score


If you’re not sure what your Quality Score in Google Ads is, or it’s been a while since you reviewed it, make sure to take a minute to look it up. Your low Quality Score is probably the reason your overpaying in Google Ads for little to no results. 


In Conclusion


If you’re considering starting a PPC campaign in Google Ads, or you already have one set up, you need to pay special attention to your ad’s Quality Score. Your low Quality Score could be the reason why your ad isn’t performing, while burning through your resources at the same time. Read over the tips above to help you how to better optimize your ads and landing pages to guarantee a high Quality Score for your Google Ads campaigns moving forward!