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Every once in a while I get a customer who thinks their meta title and description on their website IS SEO.  Although meta information on a website is important it is NOT SEO.  There are plenty of other more important signals that search engines consider than meta information.  It is, however, very important for communicating your value to customers and prospects.  So having a well written title and description is critical in getting visitors to click on your listing within search engines.

At Cazbah, we typically run a site audit for our customers to see if there are any critical errors to their existing site before or after we launch their new site.  It is not uncommon to see a report that says there are many duplicate meta titles and descriptions.  See below.

When we got this customer, their site titles and descriptions had been copied and duplicated 61 times.  In most cases, websites have enough pages where it is not practical to go in and manually update every page with a unique title and description.  There is a better way.  

We use taxonomy to make sure that almost every page on the site has a unique title and description.  The most common tool we use for this is Yoast for WordPress.  Within Yoast there is a setting that allows us to provide a unique title and description for each page by using existing information that’s already on the site.  

These are built-in variables that tell WordPress to use the name of the page and the name of the site in the title.  In the description, we are telling WordPress to use the existing excerpt for that page or auto generate one if it is not present.  That will ensure you have a unique title and description for each page.  This will then free you up to spend your time on writing titles and descriptions for the most important pages on your site.

As with anything, you have to spend your time wisely.  It is not possible to do everything that you want to do on a website.  As in life you have to pick the most important activities that will have the greatest return on your investment.  Yoast’s page taxonomy will allow you to do that very thing.

If this seems too technical for you, have no fear.  Your Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultant will work with you and your site to make sure you do not have duplicate meta information on your site.  By doing this you will give your website the best possible chance of attracting clicks on your search engine listings.

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