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Facebook has become such a common tool in helping businesses stay connected with their customers, that some smaller businesses even forego having a website and use a Facebook business page primarily. Obviously, there are many benefits to having your own business site, but the point is that Facebook is one essential tool in your online marketing presence.

Over the years I have seen many scenarios where there are duplicate business pages created, some with conflicting information, some unverified, etc. The range of possibility for error is quite broad.

I have one client with multiple local storefronts who has had challenges with employees creating Facebook business pages on their behalf (without their knowledge), thinking that they are being helpful. Unfortunately, when the setup and strategy isn’t managed with a central plan, the results can be confusing at best, even devastating to a store’s foot traffic.

This past week I ran into two completely different businesses, both with at least three duplicate Facebook business pages. It was not a small effort to get the issue corrected, and took over a week of constant monitoring to make sure the duplicates were resolved.

For example, Facebook does allow you to merge business pages, but only if the business names are very similar. Thankfully in the most recent scenario, the company already had ownership of the duplicate pages, so we were able to correct the name discrepancies and merge pages into the correct one.

I should mention that you want to be cautious when merging pages as well. Some information will move during the merge, but other information doesn’t. One company had several positive reviews, so we needed to ensure that the other duplicate pages merged into that one since reviews are one thing which will not transfer from one page to another.

Thankfully, Facebook has become increasingly friendly over the years, and has developed a number of resources to help with some of the most common questions. Here is a list of solutions from Facebook directly, to some of the most common problems I see:

How do I claim an unmanaged page?

How do I add a page to my business manager?

Can I merge 2 Facebook Business Pages?

Don’t know where to start? Facebook’s main Business Page Troubleshooter:

Hopefully you find this helpful, and can learn from the struggles other businesses have had. Have you had some unique experiences with Facebook Business pages? Feel free to post in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories.

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