how to create high quality content



Stop Obsessing Over Keywords and Start Thinking Content


With the constant changes in Google algorithms, we continue to see the focus on content. You’ll hear it over and over again that CONTENT IS KING! Without it you have nothing! Internet marketing is essential to building your business, but if you don’t know how to create high quality content, then you wont be successful in your your internet marketing strategy.


We at Cazbah have done a number of blog posts to inform our audience of the best ways to build content for small businesses. It’s more than just search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research, and it’s not just long-form content alone. The best content marketing strategy involves a culmination of several key elements, tailored and specific to your target audience and search engines.


So what’s with the big push for content?


Over the past several years Google has rolled out several algorithm updates aimed at ranking results based on the quality of the web page content. The Panda Update in 2011, the Penguin Update in 2012, the Hummingbird Update in 2013, and the Fred Update in 2017 all specifically relate to web page content. It’s easy to see that Google’s big on quality content because they want to provide the best results to their searchers. Website that do otherwise will only be found in the deep pages of Google’s results, or maybe not at all.


Shallow content, random backlinks, and keyword stuffing are now ancient relics of the past, and you need to leave them there where they belong. By shifting the sole focus away from keywords and instead prioritizing how to create high quality content, Google is ensuring that only the best information will be available to searchers. This inbound marketing style of customer-centric content marketing definitely raises the stakes of content production for all websites. But, don’t think of it as scary or annoying, instead think of it has a protection!


Now you don’t have to worry about getting outranked by fake websites using black hat SEO techniques. You can instead designate your resources to producing the best content possible for your target audience.



What Does All This Mean?


In today’s day and age, it’s not a secret that creating great content is the key to online success. But do you actually know how to create high quality content?


how to write quality content


You need to make sure you stay on Google’s good side and follow high quality web content production techniques. Yes, it does take time to produce long-form, optimized, and thorough content, but your ROI will be much higher if you put in the effort now. Think of writing and publishing quality content as sowing seeds that you can harvest later down the road and enjoy in bounty.


Thankfully, Google (and other outlets) doesn’t leave you out in the cold to guess how to best create your content. There are several resources (some FREE and some paid) you can use in your content creation journey. Quit stressing over ranking on this keyword, that keyword, and those keywords. Start to focus on what content you have on your website and the value you’re offering your visitors. You should focus more on quality rather than quantity.



How to Create High Quality Content for Searchers and Search Engines


It’s important to remember that even though search engine’s are the ones ranking your web pages, searchers are the ones who will actually act on what they read. What I mean is, you need to write your content for searchers and then optimize them from search engines.


Here are some great tools you can use to help you create the best quality content for your website: 

  • Use Google Search Console to see what keywords a specific page ranks for (make sure you optimize it correctly)
  • Use Google Analytics to track visitor behavior flow and view your most popular web pages
  • Use Buffer to schedule regular, consistent posts to your social media accounts
  • Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to brainstorm topics and headlines for articles
  • Use tools like SEMRush, Moz, Raven Tools, and others for specific keyword reaserch
  • Use HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool to create content based on specific topics


Write about topics that matter, the stuff people want to know and read about. If you don’t want to read it, your visitors probably don’t either. Your customers’ needs should come first in your content creation strategies. While SEO is still important and relevant, it can no longer be your only focus. By shifting your focus towards producing quality content, you will naturally include your keyword (and other related keywords) so you can optimize your web pages for both search engines and web searchers.



In Conclusion


By using the tools and techniques above, you’ll learn how to create high quality content. You’ll be able to create an effective content marketing strategy that focuses on the comprehensive creation of content for readers, and search engines too!