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Are you a business owner, self-employed professional, freelancer, or some other type of small business trying to make it big in your niche? The high likelihood is that as a small business owner you aren’t a marketing expert, and that’s OK.


It’s also likely that you’ve tried to implement marketing strategies and you’ve probably made a few marketing mistakes along the way. Knowing what to do, when, where, how and why can be a real challenge!


There are many different ways to market a business these days. Regardless of what type of marketing you’re currently utilizing, make sure you’re well versed in the proper tools of the trade.


In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 biggest marketing mistakes and how to avoid them:



1. All Your Eggs In One Basket


One of the most common marketing mistakes we’ve seen with small businesses is that they tend to focus on one convenient mode of marketing, while disregarding all other marketing mediums. For example, many small businesses have a presence on Facebook, but are not to be seen anywhere else on the web.This can lead them to lose to the competition every single day, and it impacts their clientele as well as visibility in the market.


Intelligent diversification is essential when it comes to marketing. In the event that your client leaves or stops following you on one marketing channel, the high likelihood is that they can stay updated regarding your business if they find you on another channel.



Are You On LinkedIn?


marketing mistakes



Frankly, if you’re a commercial or industrial small business and you haven’t invested the time to understand LinkedIn, you’re missing out BIG TIME! Don’t wait, invest a little bit of time, it will be well worth it!


Whey you diversify and share your marketing message on a number of different channels, you’re less likely to lose any marketing position, If one of the platforms falls-from-favor one day.



2. Complacency


Small businesses that are doing well, i.e., have enough work right now, can get overconfident, until one day, they don’t have enough. The market is volatile for just about any business, and the competition is fierce.


Not marketing at all can land your company in deep trouble in the future and may even cause complete failure. Times are changing and getting complacent or overconfident, even if your business has enough work right now, can be dangerous. Staying prepared and marketing your business, regardless of your current backlog, can help in the long-run.



3. Lazy Online Marketing


If you were to ask the average small business owner if they’re doing any online marketing, they might say,  “Yes, we have a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, and we are also blogging about our company.” However, when you actually look at their online marketing activities, you realize they’re doing it all wrong.


Second-rate marketing is more harmful than no marketing at all. If you’re putting a poorly thought-out or inappropriate message in the wrong places, your target audience will react negatively, rather than moving them to sign-up or make a purchase.


The key to avoiding marketing mistakes is to take it one-step-at-a-time. Don’t try to learn everything; you need to make learning about marketing on the Web some time and be patient. Alternatively, if you are not able to give it the time it deserves, consider outsourcing your Internet Marketing activities to a company like Cazbah, that works exclusively to help small businesses use the Internet as their primary marketing medium.



4. Trying To Be Everywhere


marketing mistakes


The Internet is like the universe in that it’s constantly expanding. As such, many new social media sites are opening up in the hopes of making it big just like Facebook, Twitter, and others.


It’s a good thing for the internet, but if your resources are limited, you don’t need to have an account on every social site. It would lead to nowhere in the end, and only use up all of your time, without getting any real results.


Focus on the social media sites where you know your target audience and is and where you are enjoying an authority position. Rather than maintaining posts and updates on scores of social media sites, focus on the few where you are already well-established and where audience look forward to the content you put up.


Devote your time to creating valuable authoritative content for your target audience. It will help your reputation and help with brand awareness as well.



5. Not Tracking And Measuring Your Results


All your marketing efforts will be in vain if you have no idea whether you’re doing it right or not. And, the only way to know for sure is to track, measure, and manage your efforts through analytics.


Social media platforms have built-in analytical tools that help you check whether your marketing efforts are achieving any results. These tools can help you determine whether your marketing campaign is successful in generating leads, sales, and reaching your target audience.


Tracking your marketing efforts with Google Analytics will give you a good idea about what’s working for your business, which marketing efforts are effective, and which aren’t getting any results. It’ll help you divert your time and resources accordingly methods that have been getting you results.



In Conclusion


Competition on the internet is fierce and many companies are trying to take your position and steal your clients. Don’t get complacent with your marketing efforts.


You don’t have to be an Internet Marketing guru to reap the benefits of marketing on the Web. You do, however, need to have a reliable and clear-cut marketing strategy in place to get the results you are looking for.



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