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Believe it or not, the following three issues are something that nearly every business I’ve encountered is currently dealing with, or has dealt with and resolved in the past. Let that serve as some comfort as you read this and realize your company struggles with the same issues.

1 – Searching for your own AdWords ads to review them

If you have ever run a pay per click campaign yourself or with the help of another company, you have probably felt the urge at one time or another to search for terms you are bidding for. While it may be neat to see your ad “in the wild,” you could actually be hurting your campaigns.

Searching for your ad will increase the number of impressions without clicks, which in turn will lower your click through rate. Subsequently, a lower click through rate can keep your ads from being shown as often as it would have without the wasted impressions.

Google also states that “if you repeatedly look for your own ad using Google search but never click on it, you might stop seeing it entirely. That’s because Google’s system stops showing you ads that it thinks you aren’t interested in.”

If you’d like to see what your ad looks like, use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool.

2 – Basing decisions for keywords on anecdotal searches

The real issue here is when people are curious as to where they rank for a specific keyword, they conduct a common Google search, believing that is where they rank every time for every person searching. Because of the increased focus on personalization of search in recent years, in addition to geographic signals, this thinking is incorrect. Google is learning from your search habits, and in turn boosting the rankings of those sites when you search.

Other personalization factors include…

  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Email/Calendar (Google pulls in data from here for specific things like upcoming reservations or flight info)
  • Bookmarks

To get a better idea of keyword rank and performance, I recommend using the following free tools:

  • Google Search Console
  • SEMRush
  • Google Analytics (to see how users interact with your site after searching for specific keywords)
  • Moz Keyword Planner

Organic SEO can be very complicated and is always changing. Working with your Internet Marketing Consultant to get a longer term understanding with actionable results is very important. To learn more about this topic, check out my blog post from last year.

3 – Creating incorrect or duplicate Google MyBusiness or social media accounts

Because of how easy Google and social media platforms like Facebook make it to add a new business profile, this happens rather often. Oftentimes, this is done by an employee of the company who doesn’t know a listing already exists, and thinks they are doing their employer a favor.

The real danger here is when one of the Google MyBusiness or social media accounts has any incorrect or inconsistent information on it. Google is improving the process recently, but figuring out who owns the listing, claiming it, and trying to get it fixed can be a real time killer. Be sure to institute and promote a company policy that requires ALL search engine and social media accounts to be approved prior to claiming them.

Stop shooting yourself in the foot today and talk to your Cazbah Internet Marketing Consultant about correcting some of these issues your business may be dealing with.

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