online video marketing


Online video marketing is a popular marketing option for many businesses. Until recently, I have always been a bit cautious because of the time and cost of producing online videos versus the benefit received from such a marketing activity.


In the last year, I’ve seen a number of tools introduced into the marketplace that increase value while decreasing the amount of time spent producing videos. Social media sites like YouTube and Facebook have made it very easy to upload videos and share them. Additionally, rapid advancements in technology have made it much easier to create videos and get them onto the internet for viewing.


At Cazbah, we’re jump starting our video marketing campaign and are excited about it say the least! You don’t have to be a fancy director with a whole video production team to make a quality video anymore. The average Joe now has the tools and abilities to use this medium to kindle their marketing campaigns back to new life.



Why Use Video Marketing?




So, why would you ever want to use online video marketing for your website? The short answer? You want sales and deeper connections.


After all, isn’t that why you have a site in the first place? Online video marketing can give you a real competitive advantage by sharing your knowledge and advice on how to get the most out of the product or service you are selling. Videos help you form relationships and get the attention of searchers and connections more effectively than simple text.


Several studies have shown that internet users prefer watching short videos to reading an article or blog post. Online videos will attract viewers who, if properly inducted into the inbound marketing funnel, can become customers.


youtube for video marketing


Creating marketing videos are a great way to put a face with your brand name and products and services. Especially if a large majority of your communication is done online, searchers may feel more comfortable if they can see your face and be assured you’re a real person. Online video marketing also helps to establish and uphold your brand values.


Personality, business morals, and beliefs can all be communicated through in a way through video that is not possible in written form.



How to Get Started with Video Marketing


Now, it’s easy to record good quality videos on your phone or tablet. Although you can still use a recorder, in most cases a smartphone works just as well for video quality purposes. Personally, I use my ipad, but the choice is up to you.


This next step is optional. Depending on the content and resolution of your online video, you’ll want to consider using a video editor of some kind.


Even a basic level video editor provides you with the ability to add captions, transitions, and images. Some online video marketing services now offer analytics support for your videos as well. There is a wide range of price and features when it comes to video marketing platforms, so you want to have a clear budget and plan in place before you start taking action.


Here are some great video marketing platforms for you to consider:







Online video marketing is only effective if people actually want to watch the video you produced, so make sure your videos are good quality, visually appealing, and interesting. Stick to a common theme throughout your videos, use the same background, the same color pallet, and the same speaking tone to create consistency. Consistency is how you’ll create viewer expectation and brand recognition for your videos.


Once you shoot and edit your video, you need to decide where to upload it. Social media makes it incredible easy to add videos to either your profile or your timeline. Do some customer research to find out what platforms your target audience frequents most regularly.


Depending on your business marketing and target audience that could mean Facebook, YouTube, or maybe even Instagram. Many video editors offer the ability to post your video directly to multiple social media sites once it’s completed as well.


I use YouTube as the hub for my online marketing videos. YouTube allows you to store your videos for free and has a number of tools to allow you to promote them (like video descriptions and tags). Once I have uploaded the video to YouTube, I can embed that video on my other social media accounts and my website.


If you’re putting time and effort into creating quality videos, don’t forget to promote and share them with your connections and other online searchers! Show off your work and use your videos to build deeper connections!



In Conclusion


The reason businesses create and use online marketing videos is because they want to create value for the customer. They are showing the world what they know about our products, services, and industry topics and are open to sharing that knowledge.