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Remarketing is becoming more and more popular in terms of creating brand awareness for many businesses. Remarketing allows you to extend your DRIP marketing campaigns to maintain contact with potential customers. It is a clever way to position ads in front of qualified leads that had previously opened your email or visited your website. By doing so, you create awareness and keep your brand front and center at all times.



DRIP Marketing PLUS Remarketing


DRIP Marketing


Of course, it’d be wonderful for every potential customers to move all the way through the marketing funnel and become a sale for your business. But, we all know that doesn’t always happen and everyone loses potential leads along the way. You don’t want to completely give up, but you also don’t want to drive your potential customer further away either. It’s a tightrope walk where balance is key.


So,  what happens to those who never made it through the funnel and how do you keep them interested?


You begin using the steps associated with DRIP Marketing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to get a second chance? Well, you can! By combining DRIP Marketing with Remarketing strategies, those who were interested enough to open your email correspondence will begin seeing customized ads while browsing the web. Remarketing helps you maintain a constant presence in front of your prospects/customers to increase your opportunities and drive more results.


User Defined → Email Is Sent → Viewer Opens Email (cookie dropped) → Ads Begin Displaying


It’s possible that your potential customer didn’t have the financial resources to purchase your product or service, maybe they wanted to compare products first before committing, or maybe they were just doing some research. Whatever your potential customers reasons for not buying, you don’t want to lose a possible sale just because the timing was off. Committing to remarketing strategies reminds your potential customer that your business is still there and interested. In a way, you’re inviting them back when they’re ready.



Website PLUS Remarketing


Users come and users go on the website. Even those that take the time to browse through some of your products/services – and a majority of them leave without converting.


Over the years, many businesses have spent a great deal of advertising dollars trying to figure out the keywords used and where their prospects/leads would be searching in effort to pre-target them. The guessing game is now a thing of the past.  Technology has given us the ability to market smarter, not harder. Integrating Remarketing through your website allows you to continue marketing to those who visit your site, even after they’ve left. This gives every business the ability to continue branding and educating prospects/customers about the products and or services being offered.


User Visits Site → User Leaves Site → Ad Begin Displaying (while performing other online activities)


The first step to implementing a website remarketing strategy is to understanding which strategy is right for you. It may be DRIP Remarketing, Site Remarketing, or maybe a combination of the two. The next step would be to segment your target audience based on services/products. This will allow you to be more specific with your marketing strategy. The more targeted you are with your Remarketing Strategy, the better chance you have with increasing the overall leads and revenue for your business online.



In Conclusion


Remarketing is a great way to harness the full capabilities of your DRIP marketing technique. If you’ve lost a potential customer in the marketing funnel, don’t worry! You can still keep them interested in your business through a variety of remarketing strategies until they’re ready to buy.


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