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Maybe the name Cazbah sounds familiar to you for some reason, but I promise you the business wasn’t simply named after a song or movie reference. A lot of research and development went into naming the business as it’s known today.


So, how’d Cazbah get it’s name? Stay tuned.



How’d We Come Up With the Name Cazbah?




Video Transcript


We get asked all the time, “Where did you guys come up with the name Cazbah?”.


Well, it didn’t happen by accident and it wasn’t something we just stumbled upon. We put a lot of thought and a lot of research into our brand, which is exactly what good branding requires. Cazbah is exactaly who we are and that’s why we picked that name.


First, we picked Cazbah because it’s exactly who we are to our small to medium sized sized business clients. The casbah is generally the center of the North African towns. It’s also where you’ll find the marketplace and where you go to get everything you need. Now that interesting juxtaposition about being the center of influence and being the marketplace is precisely what we represent to our customers. We bring our customers to market on the internet, by providing them with everything they need to be successful.


Second, we wanted a brand that was familiar, but not obvious. Cazbah is familiar to different people for different reasons. For the younger generations to the middle aged crowd, there’s the classic 80s song “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash. There’s also films like Casablanca, with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Rick’s Cafe Americain, where most of the action in the film took place, was actually in the Casbah. There’s also another film called Pepe Le Moko that was reproduced in Hollywood back in 1939 about a French gangster named Pepe who hides out in the Algerian Casbah. Chuck Jones developed his loving and lovable, albeit smelly cartoon character Pepe Le Pew directly from that cartoon and some of the lines that Pepe Le Pew says in those cartoons like, “Come wis me to the Casbah, we’ll make beautiful music together”, come directly from that film.


Third, you’ll notice that Cazbah follows a very specific consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel sequence. The most successful brands do this because it makes them easy to say in any language. Brands like Ebay, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple, DuPont, Jet Blue, all of these brands follow that convention.


Fourth, we subscribe to the branding methodology that when developing a brand you must first create a new category, we did that total internet marketing solution. Then give it a name, we did that, Cazbah. Then dominate that category, which is precisely what we’re doing.